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Faster, More Accurate Fraud Detection

ACI’s incremental learning techniques make your fraud prevention work both harder and smarter. Developed by ACI’s expert data science team, this patent-pending technology takes machine learning to a new level by:

  • Adapting to changes in fraud and spending patterns in real time
  • Increasing the accuracy and lifespan of existing models
  • Reducing the resource demands on your internal teams
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Detect and Prevent More Payments Fraud

Leverage Data to Prevent More Payments Fraud

ACI’s fraud management solutions — ACI Proactive Risk Manager and ACI ReD Shield — are underpinned by today’s most advanced machine learning techniques.

These machine learning techniques leverage global consortium data to build complete customer profiles, spot emerging fraud signals and combat fraud threats.

New to machine learning? Discover more with these resources.

Whitepaper: Machine Learning Demystified 
Infographic: Machine Learning Cheat Sheet

Find a New Ally In The Fight Against Fraud

With the rapid growth of eCommerce and the emergence of new payment types, fraudsters may think they have the upper hand — but they are sorely mistaken.

View our On Demand Webinar to learn machine learning's potential uses and explore ACI's incremental learning technology. 

A Smarter Way to Fight Fraud

Tests carried out on data from three major retail customers revealed that, while standard self-learning or adaptive models began to degrade after three months, ACI’s incremental models maintained their performance over the full 13 months of the test.

Incremental learning differs from self-learning. Read more >

Strengthen Your Fraud Solution with Unparalleled Expertise

ACI’s Data Science team continuously monitors the performance of our machine learning models and reviews shared intelligence to stay one step ahead of fraudsters. These data scientists are supported by ACI’s global team of risk analysts and fraud consultants, and work closely with our customers and partners across the payments ecosystem.

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Machine Learning Models Geared to Your Industry

ACI offers a range of machine learning models for banks and merchants, which can be developed and trained on a single customer’s data or using consortium data gathered from a group of customers.


features or data points create a deeper understanding of consumer behavior


unique behavioral attributes allow for more accurate detection of fraud patterns
Machine Learning Financial Institutions

For Financial Institutions

Defeat more fraud in today's 24/7 reality with ACI's model generator capability, powered by machine learning. The ACI Model Generator enables the rapid creation and adaptation of predictive models and business rules, supporting the complete model development process within hours. Financial institutions gain easy access to examine and analyze data, calculate scenarios and document key modeling steps.

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Merchants Machine Learning

For Merchants

Powerful consortium models are available for merchants in retail, travel, telecommunications and QSR sectors, enabling customers in these sectors to benefit from shared fraud intelligence and the deep sector expertise of our modelers and fraud analysts.

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