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Why Now Is the Time to Accept Debit Cards in Mortgage

Mortgage servicing lags other loans

Mortgage servicing is lagging behind auto, and credit card lenders use of electronic payment options like debit cards. Customers make more than 20 percent of their auto and credit card loan payments with a debit card, while mortgage only gets 5 percent of payments with debit cards.

Senior Business Development Executive

Jill Bohlken has 25 years of experience in servicing management, mortgage servicing, lockbox operations, receipt and disbursement management, project management, and vendor oversight with on and off shore direct leadership accountability. She served as Vice President of Cash Operations at a top five mortgage servicers for 10 years where she exceeded the industry average for paperless billing and electronic payment adoption. She also managed Cash Operations, Loan Audit, ARM Administration, HELOC Administration, Liquidation Claims and Default Supplier Oversight. Jill supervised the Default Supplier Relations Department responsible for operational feedback and oversight to over 70 attorney firms processing foreclosure and bankruptcy work on behalf of the Mortgage Servicer. In her role as Senior Business Development Executive at ACI Worldwide, Jill helps consumer finance companies achieve their business objectives.