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Tap & Learn – Lessons for Retailers

I hunted around for more information but could only see signs, no QR codes (I know against the NFC ethos), so I asked two employees who had no real idea of what I was talking about.  Later that day I asked my wife, who does not work in payments, to tell me what she thought of the sign.  Apart from mocking me for taking the picture, she was interested in learning more about coupons being delivered to her phone.

How would this work, she asked? I told her she would probably download the app from the department store and tap her NFC phone against a device to have the latest coupons delivered to her phone. To which she replied, what is NFC? I described its intricacies, which frustrated her, as her model does not have it.

So not a great day for this retailer looking to convert potential customers who pass through the store due to its convenient parking. We frequently get their coupons via mail (oh the old-school indignity), but leave them at home.  We are great prospects who could be targeted; however my wife does not have the technology and I could not find more information. What would you do if you were the retailer?

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