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Marketing Director, Asia-Pacific & Japan at ACI Worldwide

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Local Perspectives: Real-Time Realities Across Asia-Pacific in 2019

Banks in the region are looking beyond simple implementation of real-time payments and adherence to national regulatory requirements; they are focusing increasing investment on payments modernization, with real-time capabilities serving as a foundational cornerstone of broader digital transformation.


The Art of Open Banking, Part 2: On the March

Read Part 1: The Art of Open Banking, Laying Plans In the first part of my talk with @digitalbankguru (aka Mark Ranta) and @Lui_Zurawski (aka Lu Zurawski), we discussed plans that best prepare an organization for Open Banking, and in this second chapter, we explore some use cases for delivering value.


The Art of Open Banking, Part 1: Laying Plans

Read Part 2: The Art of Open Banking, On the March I recently had a great discussion with @digitalbankguru (aka Mark Ranta) and @Lui_Zurawski (aka Lu Zurawski) on what it takes to be ready for the revolution in Open Banking. It was a truly global discussion, with stories from North America, Europe and Asia; the conversation part philosophical treatise and part strategy roadmap. Following is a summary of the first part of our wide-ranging discussion on preparing for the Open Banking era.


What Do Open APIs Mean for Banking Business Models? PSD2 Points of View

As the January 2018 deadline creeps closer, PSD2 – and by association instant payments and open banking – is the hot topic in the payments industry. The impact of PSD2 will be felt beyond Europe’s physical borders, as it brings open banking to the fore. As with any global issue, ideas around how best to address the challenges of open banking are fragmented, and opinions differ between retail and corporate banking.


The Recipe for Instant Payments Success

How do you or can you realize instant payments? This is the question on everyone’s lips across the payments industry, and nowhere more so than in Europe, where the looming deadline for PSD2 (January 2018) has some scrambling to catch up.


ATMs in a Cashless World? To Define is to Limit

Happy 50th Birthday! The humble Automated Teller Machine (ATM) first made its appearance on the payments stage in the late 1960s, fast becoming a familiar feature on every high street, and has now reached a global installed base of just over 4 million. But cash is still king in many emerging markets, propping global growth, despite signs of decline in Europe and other mature regions.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?


The new payments ecosystem: fast, open and disruptive

Sitting at the PayExpo event in London last week, you could feel the excitement that the payment industry is generating. Slightly weird feeling when I remember telling friends 15 years ago about payment trends (as you do) and watching their eyes glaze over. Now mobile wallets such as Apple/ Samsung Pay or AliPay; Fin-Tech payment intermediaries such as Transferwise or HiFX; sharing economy evangelists such as AirBnB or Uber; challenger banks like Mondo or Atom Bank—they’re making payments trendy, exciting and relevant to all.