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ACI Customer Support Services

We understand that you want more out of your solution while reducing the potential for downtime, operating inefficiencies or functionality that could negatively impact your customer’s experience, and that you need quick responses to meet the ever-changing market demands.

We understand that no one size fits all when it comes to our customers, with different organizations requiring different degrees of help and support. We have developed three different levels of support to allow you to choose the right package to suit you.

Please find our digital download for ACI's key remote working practices and how we are responding to today’s challenges.

Customer Support

ACI Support Services Plans

You can choose from Standard Global HELP24 suppport, Enhanced support which is more tailored to your needs or Premium with fully customizable support. We want you to get the best value from your ACI software; and we will be there to help future-proof for your business requirements.

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Support Plans

Standard support

Standard Customer Support

EA global helpdesk chartered to swiftly resolve technical support cases and answer technical product questions for ACI-supported solutions and customizations.

  • Break/fix
  • New major and minor releases
  • Mandate releases
  • Patches
  • Documentation
  • User groups
  • eSupport portal
Enchanced Support

Enhanced Customer Support

Named Technical Account Manager to provide personalized support to help with case resolution, accelerated SLAs, and pro-active system health checks to ensure optimal system performance

  • Break/fix
  • New release
  • Patches
  • Documentation
  • User Groups
  • eSupport portal
  • Enhanced SLA
  • Technical Account Manager
  • System Health Check (when applicable)
Premium Support

Premium Customer Support

Truly proactive support from a dedicated team that understands your business and your business needs, with customizable scope to suit your needs and may include:

  • Test & install support
  • Release & Planning Management
  • Production Support
  • Technical Support
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Custom development
  • Consultancy
  • On-call/after-hours support

How Can ACI’s Support Services Help You

Standard Customer Support

Standard Customer Support has been designed to give you the first level of support to help you with everyday mission-critical system issues by providing you access to:

  • A global help desk that is available 24x7x365
  • Experienced resources who respond quickly

Thus minimizing any applications disruption with rapid issue resolution

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Enhanced Customer Support

Enhanced Customer Support has been especially designed to put your business at the heart of our support services by providing you access to:

  • A technical account manager - Your technical account manager is your single point of contact for all support issues, conducting regular case reviews to keep you on top of your support issues and is your partner in solution support planning
  • A pool of experienced resources - Your support issues can be quickly dealt with by experienced technical experts in solutions
  • Annual System Health Check – Pro-active support helps ensure systems are running optimally to avoid or minimize disruptions
  • Accelerated SLAs – We are able to reduce the time required for restoration of service or problem resolution as a result of the other feature of the program

Learn more about Enhanced Customer Support

Premium Customer Support

Premium Customer Support has been especially designed to allow you the flexibility to customize our support services to suit your business needs by providing you access to:

  • Dedicated team support
    • You get dedicated technical resources who know your systems, to quickly identify the root of any problem
    • You get a dedicated team to work intimately with you to plan and execute on your support needs
  • You get access to
    • You get to access to expert resources to work on those projects that best support your business needs, whether release planning or custom modifications for your solution
  • Comprehensive support
    • You get operational efficiency with access to expertise knowledge of both ACI’s solution and your environments
    • You get consultancy on how to leverage any new functionality, allowing you to be agile and proactive in meeting your customers' needs

Learn more about Premium Customer Support

Meet Your ACI Partners

Florin Cuc

Florin Cuc | Services Manager

Years with ACI:  12 years

Describe your role: I am a Services Manager within the Post Implementation Experience (PIE), in Europe. I have responsibility both for our Italian customers, across all product sets, and part of the Timisoara Center Of Excellence. I work directly with our Premium Customer Support (PCS) customers, defining the scope of the PCS offering, as well as resourcing the services projects. I attend quarterly PCS reviews with our customers, in which we highlight the added value our PCS program can bring.

What three words best describe your role as it relates to helping our customers? Understand, support, guide.

What story could you share – what fun / great / challenging memory do you have as part of your job at the customer? I went over to Italy to attend a full day customer technical meeting. Even though this meeting was held purely in Italian, which is not a language I speak very well, I was there to make sure the customer could see just how seriously we were taking their project and how we will dedicate our resources to achieve their exacting requirements, within their very tight timeline. We proved to this customer that we value our relationship with them and that we are willing to adapt and respond promptly to their needs.

Do you have any special skills that may interest customers, e.g., languages, special interests, etc.? I speak six languages (in order of fluency first Romanian, Hungarian, Italian, English, French and Spanish) and I am a serious sports fan; next time you want to talk about something sports related let me know and I might be able to tell you things about your favorite sport or team!

Luc Lippens

Luc Lippens | Principal Project Manager

Years with ACI: 16 years

Describe your role: I am a Principal Project Manager for PIE Europe, supporting major and strategic customers in Europe. In my career at ACI, I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to cover a wide variety of roles, including functional/technical workshops, release management, management consultancy and crisis management. My major focus will always be on end-to-end quality, working with our customers and being their advocate within ACI, allowing me to drive our customer’s needs.

What three words best describe your role as it relates to helping our customers? Getting Things Done!

What story could you share – what fun / great / challenging memory do you have as part of your job at the customer? Over the last 16 years, I have traveled the world and worked with many customers, employees and cultures. The most amazing experience was working on a customer project in Singapore with global employees. I was a Quality Manager and we were finishing up a three-year project, in which we completely overhauled the customer’s system and implemented a brand new solution.

We were introduced to a brand new way of working for us as a company. The customer was holding us to the highest standards and we worked round the clock to get everything implemented. Two hours before go-live the marketing department entered the room, looked at a screen, walked out and then we heard the release was being cancelled! It turned out that one tooltip text behind a logo was still showing an old core product text, which was enough for them to pull the plug.

As a company, working with eight different nationalities on this project, we were able to create a fix and deliver it within the hour. We then helped the bank test the fix and get their marketing team to agree to go live as planned. That was the moment that we earned their respect; they saw we had what it takes to deliver and help them move forward, no matter what it takes. We didn’t think about the 48 hours without sleep. We didn’t think about the escalations. That showed me how we all play a part, and what can be achieved when we understand each other and respect each other’s cultures. As I turned 30 on that day, I remember sitting down with the customer’s manager having a drink - we just laughed enjoying a beer.

I will never forget that moment, each time I’m sitting in a bar outside with a drink, the memory tends to put a little smile on my face.

Do you have any special skills that may interest customers, e.g., languages, special interests, etc.? I speak four languages (Dutch, French, English and German – although some of these may need a refresh), and my overall passion is end-to-end quality. The wide variety of roles I have undertaken allows me to work with any customer in almost any role. Driving improvements through analysis and covering the full project cycle keeps me motivated.

Next to this, I like excel automation to ensure we have precise and easy to use reporting. I also lead a clan in 2 mobile games (Clash of Clans and Clash Royale), where we are part of a global community. This allows me to encourage and motivate many people and enhances my organizational skills, which I’m sure benefits our customers too.

viktor s

Viktor Sonnhammer | Principal Technical Consultant

Years with ACI: 17 years

Describe your role: My main role is to take care of one of our Swedish customers who is a bank, the country’s largest food retailer, and also run e-stores. One example of a project is the enablement of phone payment at the till. I am also responsible for Mastercard/VISA mandates and the occasional fix/adjustment. My daily work includes providing solutions, writing specifications, coding and testing. Often testing is done with external parties, which can give that day an extra twist. Working with this customer is exciting as they are keen to take on new technologies and always open for discussion when problems arise. I talk to them on a daily basis and this close relationship makes it possible to find solutions and resolve issues quickly.

What three words best describe your role as it relates to helping our customers? Creativity, Teamwork and Quality

What story could you share – what fun / great / challenging memory do you have as part of your job at the customer? When visiting the customer onsite we often have a games event, like bowling or Frisbee golf. As my skills in these games are not as advanced as my development ones, I always end up at the bottom of the result lists; this is something that the customer doesn’t mind! With bowling and Frisbee golf the balls and discs immediately go to the right or left; with arcade game car racing the other guys take off and leave me in a dust cloud and I continue in a style just like officer Hooks in the film Police Academy 1. Anyway, we always have a good time and laugh a lot during these get togethers.

Do you have any special skills that may interest customers, e.g., languages, special interests, etc.? I like learning new languages and am currently learning Spanish. This complements nicely with the Italian I already know. As the climate is cold in Sweden, maybe changing, but still cool, I am drawn to southern Europe and one way to get closer to it is to learn the languages. I am intrigued with how difficult it is with new languages and how one bad pronunciation will effectively stop communication. Just like in programming where the tiniest token makes all the difference, in our world it is never ‘No pasa nada’ (it doesn’t matter)!

warwick pope

Warwick Pope | Senior Technical Consultant

Years with ACI: Fast approaching 13 years in August. More than a third of my life. Was initially based in Watford, but I’m now located in Leeds. I’ve also spent time in the Omaha, Frankfurt and Bahrain offices for various work related adventures.

Describe your role: Senior Technical Consultant – I am Tech Lead on the PCS service for a U.K. bank supporting their U.K. Faster Payments gateway on BASE24-eps. My job is to ensure that they receive a dedicated service, tailored to their specific needs and requirements. This involves full ownership and accountability for their cases and any other service requests they may have.

What three words best describe your role as it relates to helping our customers? 

  • Dedication – Dedicated support to my customer to meet their needs
  • Availability – Always available as a direct contact when needed
  • Adaptability – In the payments industry things change quickly. Requirements change so the ability to adapt to new challenges is key.

What story could you share – what fun / great / challenging memory do you have as part of your job at the customer? The bank was in the middle of a migration to a new data center. I was supporting a failover operation from their new live system to Disaster Recovery over a weekend. On the day I was due to support this I lost internet at home. Short on time I decided to race into the office on the train and set up camp there for the night.

The failover went according to plan in the early hours of the morning and following a call the next afternoon I was able to “check out” from the office and head back.

Do you have any special skills that may interest customers, e.g., languages, special interests, etc.? Thinking about special skills, I’d say none that directly relate to payments. I’m not fluent in any one language (except English), but always learn enough to get by when I travel for work or leisure.

I’d say my main strengths are those I’ve picked up from being involved in team sports (Basketball, American Football, Netball, Cricket, Aussie Rules). The bond you make with team members, facing challenges, the accountability, the communication all apply in the work environment. I also have two boys aged six & four. They taught me patience and the ability to adapt to challenging and at times frustrating situations. Oh… and I love them.