User Groups

Giving customers the power to collaborate, network and share to achieve success.

Connect, Collaborate, Succeed

ACI’s User Group program gives customers like you the power to collaborate, network and share ideas with fellow customers and ACI advisors. Gain greater industry and ACI solution/product knowledge and achieve your business objectives through this engaging, interactive online community.

ACI user groups feature payment professionals from all backgrounds, including directors of product management, business analysts, principal product managers, chief architects and many more! Join today and you will also gain exclusive access to upcoming events, as well as the latest industry and ACI product news.

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Program Overview

Get an in-depth look at the ACI User Group program, including its purpose, tips for engaging and community member roles.

ACI User Groups

  • Retail Banking: BASE24-eps
  • Transaction Banking: Money Transfer System
  • Payments Risk Management: Proactive Risk Manager User Groups
  • Merchant Retailers
  • Immediate Payments