“As chip-and-pin credit cards are harder for fraudsters to replicate, it is driving them toward card-not-present, cross-channel fraud,” said Erika Dietrich, global director, Payments Risk, ACI Worldwide. “For example, fraudsters can use stolen credit card information to make a card-not-present purchase online and then simply walk in and pick up the item in-store. We’ll see this trend continue to grow in the coming years, and merchants will need to pay more attention to their omni-channel fraud controls.”

Principal findings from the data include:

“We saw genuine consumer transactions outpace fraudulent transactions this past holiday season as merchant fraud strategies kept pace in the market. In addition, merchants have become more savvy as they are spreading out the volume of sales earlier in the holiday season (October through November) compared to years past, to reduce fulfilment and delivery bottlenecks,” Dietrich continued.

ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution offers integrated, real-time fraud management capabilities, which utilize artificial intelligence, advanced machine learning and predictive and behavioral analytics designed to maximize revenue conversion while thwarting fraudulent activity. The award-winning solution offered in ACI’s cloud is designed to scale for real-time fraud prevention at peak and high volumes.  

ACI will showcase its flexible, vendor-agnostic omni-channel merchant payment solutions at NRF 2019, January 13-15, New York. Visit ACI’s booth #3373 for an in-booth “Pop-UP” store experience.



The survey includes leading global merchants that utilize ACI ReD Shield, representing hundreds of millions of transactions globally; these merchants, most of which are among the top 100 retailers, have been utilizing ACI’s service for at least two years.

Date Range: October 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018