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ACI works in partnership with you to optimize your implementation, whether it’s with ACI or your partner of choice. We believe that trust leads to innovation for your payments environment, which is why are we prepared to deliver dynamic, flexible delivery approaches tailored specifically to your needs and infrastructure.

If you chose ACI, we have experts that can work in your environment, your private or public cloud, depending on your preference. We also leverage our decades of experience in the payments industry to deliver expert consultancy at every turn. Simplify and speed your integration process with ACI’s implementation team or your partner of choice. To learn more, listen to your peers in the industry.

Our collection of passionate, dedicated experts leverage years of success implementing mission-critical projects around the world. Working collaboratively with your team, we deliver best-in-class implementation support to drive your success from day one.

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  • Unlock Your Value You run sophisticated and complex payment solutions from ACI — let us empower you.
  • Speed You need to be innovative and fast to introduce change — let us empower our knowledge on agile and dev ops.
  • Global You operate in an evolving global world — let’s find the best partner.

  • Trust You experience and need to manage change daily — ACI and partners are here to minimize your risks.

Meet Your Future ACI Partners

Tom Vercruysse

Tom Vercruysse | Client Service Director

Years with ACI: 23 years 

Why is your role important as part of an implementation? It is important that the foundational layer of the project is already defined accurately from within the sales phase. With that in mind and in support of the account management team, I will ensure that the correct visibility and involvement from the ACI team is in place to support the opportunity. It is my responsibility to safeguard that there is alignment on the project scope, approach and budget so that the engagement can be handed over to the implementation team at the project start under the best possible circumstances. During the actual implementation phase, I refer to myself as a kind of customer advocate balancing the needs of the customer with the interest of ACI. I will follow up on the project execution, drive the project governance and act as first escalation point in case of challenges. I also help to remove internal complexity/challenges and I will work to foster positive relationships for all parties involved. Finally, I also maintain the financial status of the engagement.

Partnership is essential to Implementation Services. Can you give us an example of this? Absolutely. For one of our major banking customers, a key success factor of the relationship has proven to be being onsite with them as much as possible. Not only has this helped develop the relationship, it has proven very effective in resolving challenges/issues. It allowed us to collaborate under best possible circumstances, provided transparency and avoided misunderstandings. Overall I believe it helps building a certain level of trust. The best thing I've heard from the customer in this context is that it is in difficult times that you learn to appreciate who your true partners are. They simply knew that we would get the challenge fixed.

What languages do you speak? Dutch, English, French and German

What three words best describe your role as it relates to helping our customers? Advocacy, Commitment, Relationship

Jane Sarat

Jane Sarat | Principal Project Manager

Years with ACI: 13 years 

How does your role support our customers? As a customer’s main point of contact for a project, I’m one of the more visible people from ACI. I work as the conduit for communication between the customer and our engineering departments, enabling direct communication where appropriate. Of course, my key responsibility and accountability is for ensuring we deliver what they’ve asked us to deliver, on time and on budget, managing any issues along the way.

Why is your role important as part of an implementation? My role is very important as I make sure our customers have regular updates on the progress of their projects, and take ownership of any issues that arise, so that the customer has a single point of contact for follow up. We organize weekly meetings as well as monthly steering committees, and any additional meet-ups as necessary on the project. It’s part of the governance model.

Partnership is essential to Implementation Services. Can you give us an example of this? My preference is to spend as much time as possible face to face with my customers. For one of my customers, I made it a point to travel to their premises on a weekly basis. When you spend so much time with your customer, you start to build a real relationship. They don’t see you as a vendor, they see you as a trusted partner. We even did some fun activities together, like carting or laser gaming. It’s good to release the pressure with those you work with sometimes.

What three words best describe your role as it relates to helping our customers? Teamwork, Determination, Customer-Focused

Mo Hamid

Mo Hamid | Principal Solution Architect

Years with ACI: 17 years

How does your role support our customers? Some of my time is dedicated to our commercial team, helping them shape an offer based on specific requirements. I’m also in charge of putting together services estimates for the customers. I’m constantly in contact with the customer and make sure our team is delivering what’s expected. One of my key project responsibilities is to create the solution detail design document which is reviewed and approved by the customer and then used as the defacto design for the whole solution to be delivered and implemented.

Why is your role important as part of an implementation? It is very important because I’m one focal point for the customer, providing an overall view of the project. When necessary, I can help guide both the customer and ACI on the technical level that the project manager doesn’t necessarily have.

Flexibility is essential to Implementation Services. Can you give us an example of this? The easiest way to answer this is to tell you my travel plan for this week: I’m currently in the U.K., then going to Dubai, UAE and then ultimately Egypt. All of this in a few days to visit customers for both presales and project-related activities.

What languages do you speak? English, Hindi, Urdu

What three words best describe your role as it relates to helping our customers? Trusted, Accessible, Knowledgeable

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