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ACI works in partnership with you to optimize your implementation, whether it’s with ACI or your partner of choice. We believe that trust leads to innovation for your payments environment, which is why are we prepared to deliver dynamic, flexible delivery approaches tailored specifically to your needs and infrastructure.

If you chose ACI, we have experts that can work in your environment, your private or public cloud, depending on your preference. We also leverage our decades of experience in the payments industry to deliver expert consultancy at every turn. Simplify and speed your integration process with ACI’s implementation team or your partner of choice. To learn more, listen to your peers in the industry.

Our collection of passionate, dedicated experts leverage years of success implementing mission-critical projects around the world. Working collaboratively with your team, we deliver best-in-class implementation support to drive your success from day one.

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  • Unlock Your Value You run sophisticated and complex payment solutions from ACI — let us empower you.
  • Speed You need to be innovative and fast to introduce change — let us empower our knowledge on agile and dev ops.
  • Global You operate in an evolving global world — let’s find the best partner.

  • Trust You experience and need to manage change daily — ACI and partners are here to minimize your risks.

Meet Your Future ACI Partners

sean healionSean Healion | Implementation Project Manager

Years with ACI: 7

How does your role support our customers? As a project leader, I am the key point of contact for our customer, helping them prioritize and get what they need, when they need it. I also help with invoicing product functionality, and project timing and resourcing. Lastly, I track progress and keep all sides on target.

Teamwork is essential to Implementation Services. Can you give us an example of this? The key to successful implementation is connecting the customer to the right ACI resources, who serve as experts in their field. Recently, one customer had issues with testing, which represented a major roadblock for the project. ACI worked with internal product experts to help address and fix the issue. Getting the customer connected with our experts was critical in satisfying the customer and ensuring a positive experience for all involved.

What are the three words that would best describe your role for the customer? Advocate, Problem Solver, Accountable

What languages do you speak? English, Spanish

akejuAnthony Akeju | Practice Leader Director

Years with ACI: 12

How does your role support our customers? My role could be described as “Ying/Yang”. I make sure everything is balanced and everyone’s happy. Regarding the product, I check that it is good to be delivered and that the solution is viable. I also have a role regarding people: I’m in charge of resource allocation and ensuring that we have the right people to implement. Sometimes I’m invisible to the customer, only coming into play when important escalations or big decisions need to be made.

Flexibility is essential to Implementation Services. Can you give us an example of this? I had a customer who needed a delivery within six months, which is usually very hard to get when requested very late in the process. Not only did we honor their request, we actually delivered in six months! If you work as a team and each member adapts and is flexible to his usual role, then there’s a lot you can do. The customer expectations were met and customer satisfaction was very high.

Experience is essential to Implementation Services. Can you give us an example of this? The experience and knowledge I have of ACI products coupled with my escalation capabilities are so important for the customer. I understand how to work within ACI to save our customers’ time, and I can also give them access to the people and things that they need to move any obstacle.

What are the three words that would best describe your role for the customer? Satisfaction, Quality, (Client’s) Pleased

What languages do you speak? English and Yoruba (West African)

FilipponiDan Filipponi | Client Service Director

Years with ACI: 4

How does your role support our customers? I act as an advocate for the customer and for ACI. I work closely with our sales teams and solution consultants on the front end of deals to help ensure we are aligned across our various product sets and that we can truly deliver what we are selling to our customers. I also deal with customer escalations and work across the organization to find the proper solution to their issues.

Why is your role important as part of an implementation? Client service directors have three main focus areas: pre-sales orchestration, governance and financial management of revenue from sales and backlog. Our main role around implementations actually starts during the pre-sales cycle. We are the main focal point after the project manager for any escalations from the customer. At times we are removers of barriers or obstacles for the project team.

Teamwork and experience are essential to Implementation Services. Can you give us an example of this? Teamwork is paramount to any successful engagement. I do believe we act really well as 1ACI across groups when working on projects and issues. Experience in the industry certainly helps when working with our customers. They feel like we are more of a trusted advisor due to our deep background in financial services.

One example I can share was a project where we were challenged to implement a proof-of-concept (POC) within 90 days. We had to acquire the hardware, stand up the environment, work with a third-party vendor, install the software, configure the system, and test and tune the system to meet 600 TPS sustained and 1,000 TPS peak for five minutes every hour. We had to demo this in front of the customer and let it run for six hours. More than 20 ACI resources across multiple teams came together to create the environment to conduct the POC within 90 days from start to finish. The POC was very successful in proving our capabilities and the teamwork was extraordinary.

What are the three words that would best describe your role for the customer? Execution, Advocacy, Servant-Leadership

What languages do you speak? English

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