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Kyle Safranek

Kyle Safranek

Associate Marketing Specialist

Kyle Safranek

Kyle is an Associate Marketing Specialist at ACI Worldwide. Stemming from his experience working with financial and technology firms, he developed a keen interest in the digital payments. He is currently part of the Marketing Intelligence team, while completing studies in Digital Marketing. Kyle is excited to monitor how innovative technologies are rapidly changing the payment landscape.

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  • payments day in the life of a millennial

    Gen Z: A Day In The (Payments) Life

    Thursday, May 17, 2018

    There has been an immense focus placed on the ‘Millennial’ generation, and for good reason, as they have become a driving force in the future of payments. This generation looks to technology to solve their payments needs—and it’s all about the factors of convenience, speed and flexibility. And as a college student, my typical daily ‘payments routines’ reflect these factors. With that, I wanted to share a snapshot, which I think demonstrates how my own demographic is influencing the payments industry.