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How Are You Going to Pay Your Taxes? iPad?

You do everything electronically today, why not pay your taxes electronically? ePayment options are available! Now you can pay the IRS from your mobile app, computer or over the phone. No stamps, no hassle.

Americans Increasingly Pay Taxes Electronically

ePayments accounted for 56% of tax payments last year, according to research firm Aite Group, a significant increase from 2010 when ePayments only accounted for 30% of tax payments. Americans use many forms of ePayments for their taxes, including debit cards, credit cards and Automated Clearing House (or ACH). 

Convenience Driving Increased ePayments
Paying taxes electronically is quicker and easier than paying with paper. Do you have your checkbook with you right now? Probably not, but do you have your debit or credit card with you? With all of the convenient electronic options to pay, it’s no wonder that consumers ranked electronic options as more convenient than cash or check, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Debit and credit cards take the lead for convenience, being ranked higher than ACH.

Mobile, Computer and Phone Options for Paying Taxes
When it comes to paying the IRS, it’s never been more convenient. The IRS has authorized specific mobile apps, websites and phone numbers where Americans can pay their federal taxes. The IRS authorized options, include the Official Payments apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, and You could also make a payment over the phone by calling 1-888-UPAY-TAX or pay through TurboTax.

How are you going to pay your taxes this year?