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Mortgage Customers Demand Simple, Fast Payment Choices

With ACI, mortgage servicers can remove payment barriers resulting in fewer late payments, reduced customer service calls and complaints all while simplifying technology integration.

ACI's Speedpay Solutions makes payments easier with integration into the leading mortgage servicing platforms while supporting full lifecycle customer communications management, giving your servicing team the ability to personalize messaging without IT involvement.

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Why Now Is the Time to Accept Debit Cards in Mortgage Servicing

Mortgage servicing is lagging behind auto, and credit card lenders use of electronic payment options like debit cards. Customers make more than 20 percent of their auto and credit card loan payments with a debit card, while mortgage only gets five percent of payments with debit cards.

Blog Post by Jill Bohlken

79% of consumers use 1 to 3 channels to pay their monthly bills

Paying bills has never been easier or more accessible, but what do consumers want from payments? To help you gain a deeper understanding of how consumers are paying their bills today, ACI Worldwide conducted an annual survey to examine how billing and payment trends and consumer preferences have shifted over the past year. 

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Bank Sees Double-Digit Increase in Delinquency Cure Rate

After deploying the ACI Speedpay solutions, this bank experienced a double-digit increase in its delinquency cure rate, and a double-digit decrease in service calls.

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Bust Mortgage Loan Payment Myths

Shifts in regulation, consumer spending and interchange rates have created myths about paying loans with a card. Learn the common misconceptions associated with using debit cards for loan payments.

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28% Of Auto Loans Paid by Debit Card

21% Of Credit Card Loans Paid by Debit Card

5% Of Mortgage Loans Paid by Debit Card

How Lenders Benefit from the Latest Payments Technology

  • Integration with leading core systems
  • Fewer account delinquencies
  • Shorter mortgage collections cycle
  • Fewer payment exceptions
  • Reduced call center volume
  • Higher customer satisfaction1
  • More effective customer communications
[ 1 ] Third-party survey of ACI Worldwide clients

Bill Payment Solutions

  1. ACI Speedpay – A billing and payments solution to drive customer satisfaction in lending.
  2. Electronic bill presentment and payments services – One solution for every billing and payment need across all payment channels.
  3. Mobile wallet bills – Place statements and other notifications directly into consumers’ hands through their Apple and Android mobile wallets.
  4. Text message payments – Offer the number one customer service channel.
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