Modernizing License, Billing and Payment Capabilities

Engage citizens and drive efficiency with a single platform to manage licenses, notifications, billing and payments

Industry-Leading Technology
Native iOS and Android digital wallet integration

Full Payments Lifecycle
Support authentication, messaging, billing and payments

Unlimited Access
24/7 access to licenses with no need for internet access or app

Modernize Digital Licenses and IDs

Tomorrow’s mobile license is here. Integrate with your system of record and modernize your citizens’ experience by delivering licenses, permits and passes directly to their mobile wallets with ACI Walletron.

  • Issue and renew hunting or fishing licenses and other permits in a simple, secure method for jurisdictions of all sizes
  • Present actionable links to hunting and fishing regulations and to report harvested game in real time
  • Allow consumers to add the digital license to their mobile phone by scanning a QR code or clicking a link in an email or text message
  • Instantly verify identity for convenient access to licenses and identification

bill payments for local, county and state governments

Tomorrow’s mobile license is here. Integrate with your system of record and modernize your citizens’ experience by delivering licenses, permits and passes directly to their mobile wallets with ACI Speedpay: Digital Wallet.

Modern Billing and Payment Options

Give your citizens a single platform to pay everything from taxes and permits to parking tickets with the ACI Speedpay solution. ACI Speedpay is trusted by government entities of all sizes to offer citizens secure, innovative payment methods.

Deliver the methods preferred by younger citizens, including text-to-pay, mobile wallets and live chat

Maintain compliance through the longest-tenured payments partner for the Internal Revenue Service

Accept payments within your call center while lessening your PCI-compliance burden

Enable split-tender payments from citizens and different fees based on payment type

Deploy a single platform for reporting and reconciliation with 100+ integration partners

A woman sits at her desk filling out paperwork.

$25 billion in federal tax payments processed by ACI since 2002

2,400 local, state and federal government entities deploying ACI solutions

10X single-year increase in mobile bill payments for one state government

Providing secure payment systems for 6 of the 10 largest states

Help Raise Citizen Satisfaction With Alternative Payment Methods

Provide your citizens with a fast, simple and secure way to pay their bills online through their favorite new ways to pay.

Offer greater choice and flexibility with alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal and Venmo*

Drive satisfaction by making it easy for citizens to pay their bills the same way they shop online

Create stickiness with convenient and popular alternative payments your citizens increasingly expect

Integrate new payment options seamlessly to quickly offer innovative, secure and trusted payment options

Mobile Wallet Payment Trends

Recreational fishing and hunting are a vibrant part of America’s outdoor tradition. When it comes to licenses and permits, an increasing number of fishers and hunters of all ages want to go digital.

A woman looks through her pile of paperwork.

Convenient Bill Payment Capabilities

  • Meet the demands for anywhere, anytime instant payments with mobile, online, phone, point-of-sale, field and kiosk payments
  • Increase efficiency with a single billing and payments platform
  • Easily integrate, manage and reconcile payments
  • Mitigate the risk of data breaches with industry-leading security and full PCI compliance
  • Meet the latest ACH processing requirements with a Nacha-certified bill payments solution

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