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Process the most popular payment methods in each market in a safe, secure and efficient environment with ACI Secure eCommerce

Adapt to Evolving Customer Demands

Connecting to ACI’s global payments gateway helps you succeed by adapting to new trends and customer demands as they evolve.

Process payments in national and international markets within a safe, secure and efficient environment

Increase flexibility and reduce acquirer cost with vendor-agnostic technology

Enjoy a seamless checkout experience using the same core engine for all channels and geographies

Implement quickly with easy integration and onboarding through a single Open RESTful API

Engage with a Solution That’s Tailored for Airline Needs

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Rapid time to market, with payment processing, integration and onboarding available via one API


Protection from the cost of fraud through highly customizable fraud prevention solutions


Extensive global and local passenger reach with access to a vast choice of alternative payment methods and card payment options


Enables a flexible, seamless user experience from initial engagement to checkout whether via eCommerce, mCommerce, or mobile airport payments

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Provide Payments as Safe as Flying

Being in the air travel business, you need your payments process to be as smooth as possible to create the right customer experience from the very beginning. At the same time, you’ll need to protect and grow your narrow profit margins with comprehensive, effective fraud prevention measures.

Benefit from a feature-rich suite of payments processing, integral risk checks, mobile solutions and advanced business intelligence tools

Manage fraud in real time with a multitiered solution that can be closely tailored to support individual market needs and industry-specific fraud trends

Minimize false positives, reduce operational costs and protect margins

Provide a secure and localized payments experience for all passengers

Reach More Global Passengers

ACI Secure eCommerce gives airlines access to hundreds of alternative payment methods and card acquirers to profit from immediate global coverage. With a precisely defined go-to-market strategy, ACI‘s payment experts support airlines to grow their revenue by setting the right payments mix, extend their reach and target passengers with popular local payment methods.

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Accept the 5 Billion UnionPay Credit and Debit Cards in Circulation

SecurePlus, the new solution from UnionPay, supports transaction tokenization and recurring payments for both debit and credit cards. This safe and secure payment method doesn’t require a redirect and provides great protection from fraud chargebacks.

SecurePlus now gives airlines the ability to safely and easily access the Chinese market.

Our Promise for Your Success

ACI‘s team of payment and risk experts have great experience working closely with airline operators to ensure that payment capabilities are geared towards success within the airline industry.


We enable increased flexibility and reduced acquirer cost with vendor-agnostic technology


We support business growth into new regions and payment methods through one API


We provide a flexible, secure and localized payment experience for all passengers


We know the top payment methods in each market, guiding clients when needed to discuss directly with third parties regarding pricing, accelerated onboarding processes and KYC requirements

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