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In-house card processing: reducing costs and risks

Managing risk, compliance and governance directly as opposed to depending on another organization’s security and operational effectiveness is a key factor in many financial institutions’ decision to bring card processing back in house. Being in direct control of all their customer information, banks and financial institutions glean fast visibility into potential and actual threats and can respond rapidly to intrusion and potential data damage.

Additionally, considering many banks have one processor managing prepaid, another handling corporate cards and another perhaps supporting a division as a result of an M&A, the potential for data and intrusion risk exposure can be multiple fold. This issue also brings to light the opportunity for significant cost savings through consolidating and bringing processing under a single, integrated and global in-house system.

Lynn Holland

Vice President Product Management

ACI Worldwide

Payments Expert

ACI Worldwide powers electronic payments for financial institutions, retailers and processors around the world with its broad and integrated suite of electronic payment software.