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Money 20/20: “With great power comes great responsibility”

Sunday night’s keynote speaker, Marc Goodman (Founder, Future Crimes Institute and Global Security Advisor, Singularity University), spoke to the dangerous world we live in with today’s technology advancements. He brought up a great point; there has never been a computer that has been built that can’t be hacked. While this point could/should cause us to tremble in our seats, it also could/should drive us to work harder to protect consumers.

If criminals are working together, shouldn’t technology companies work together too? Events like Money 20/20 are great opportunities for us to lower the barriers and start the group conversation(s). After all, isn’t that a main reason for attending? To make meaningful business connections and solve problems?

While the excitement is still lingering, you can be sure that conversations are still being had elsewhere. Who knows, maybe the next big solution to help fight fraud will have come from a conversation started here.

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