Marc Sczesnak

Director of Product Management at ACI Worldwide

Marc Sczesnak serves as Director of Product Management for ACI Worldwide and has held numerous leadership roles in the financial services industry at Chase, Citi, US Bank and retailers Sears and Macys.  Most recently before joining ACI, Marc lead TD’s North American Retail Card Services business as President. Marc lead the business to achieve a 27% Compound Annual Growth Rate over his last three years at TD with a 40% return on invested capital.  Marc also orchestrated the rebranding of the Macys Star Rewards program and the launch of the largest Gold MasterCard program at Sears.  Marc writes about the convergence of marketing, loyalty and payment processing. He believes in the untapped potential in your most frequent consumer touchpoint – your electronic bill. By introducing interactive eBilling, Marc sees organizations improving their customer experience, lowering costs and increasing consumer touchpoints. 

Articles by Marc Sczesnak


The Balancing Act between Security and Customer Experience for Bill Payments

Data breaches involving payment data have doubled in the past year for many reasons—lack of security innovation, misplaced corporate priorities and weaknesses in developer portals to name a few.


Success Speaks: Surprising New Ways Students Want to Pay

Colleges and universities are facing the dual tasks of accommodating not only new payment methods, but also a new generation of students, Gen Z, whose expectations differ greatly from even millennials. How can higher education institutions meet these demands? In our latest Success Speaks webinar, experts from Temple University, FutureCast, ACI and MTFX Group of Companies explored today’s payments landscape for colleges and universities, payment desires of Gen Z, innovations the higher education sector is already implementing and how schools can better assist with international payments.


Gen Z: Chronic Late Payers

Why More Than Half of Gen Z Pays Late The newest generation of consumers to enter the workforce is Dazed and Confused about how to make bill payments (and they most likely don’t get that reference). In fact, 80% of Gen Z contact companies with billing questions and 53% pay their bills late. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Success Speaks: How Roanoke College Simplified Higher Education Billing and Commerce

Campus commerce has quickly become the ultimate test for payment software providers, IT professionals and administrators. Technology stacks and service offerings are continuously challenged by rapid innovation, just as budgets have begun to shrink. And to top it off, cybersecurity threats lurk around every corner, and even a single breach can destroy student confidence in their institution of higher learning.


When Is Processing Payments in The Cloud More Secure?

Back when I started my career, “Jessie’s Girl” by Australian rocker Rick Springfield topped the charts, the federal funds rate was 20 percent and most organizations were reliant upon one or more mainframe computers that were hosted in an internal “computer room.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?