Amanda Mickleburgh

director – Merchant Fraud Product at ACI Worldwide

Amanda brings more than 15 years’ experience working in fintech to her current role as product director for ACI’s Merchant Fraud solution. Since joining ACI in 2007 she has held roles across sales, strategic relationship management and product management, with a specific focus on eCommerce fraud prevention. Amanda’s specific expertise is in leveraging data to enable risk-based screening for authentication, machine learning, artificial intelligence and behavioral analytics. Amanda applies these emerging technologies to payment fraud detection and prevention strategies. She also has a particular interest in using data intelligence for aiding conversion and removing friction from payment flows, helping to create value for ACI’s customers and key stakeholders.

Articles by Amanda Mickleburgh

A woman is using a mobile phone


Ringing Out Against Mobile Fraud

As peak season fast approaches, more people of all ages will be powering up their phones to browse and buy.

Data Security


Data Is Evolving – Are Your Fraud Prevention Services Keeping Pace?

It’s a constant struggle – as consumer behavior evolves, so do fraud tactics, as fraudsters seek vulnerabilities exposed by rapid change. And there’s no disputing that the pandemic has changed consumer behavior and accelerated the adoption of digital payment methods.

Security shield in matrix


Manual Order Review: When Can Outsourcing Strengthen Your Last Line of Defense?

Manual order review (MOR) has often been referred to as the last line of defense to securing good revenue, but how does it fit into a merchant’s business? Striking the proper balance between automated fraud prevention tool(s) to allow legitimate orders to flow through, while identifying questionable ones, is a…

Man making online purchase


What Merchants Should Do To Ensure They Don’t Miss the SCA Deadline

Just as we emerge from one of the most turbulent years most businesses have ever experienced, the enforcement of strong customer authentication (SCA) under the PSD2 directive has hit for merchants across the EU, with the U.K. set to follow in September 2021.

Person typing at laptop


Assessing the Acronyms: Without PSD2, Is 3DS for SCA Relevant for U.S. Merchants?

PSD2 has been the “talk of the town” in European payments for the last few years—and the final piece of the puzzle, strong customer authentication (SCA), has certainly been a source of spirited conversation across the payments ecosystem.


SCA: How PSPs Can Help Merchants Stay One Step Ahead

The main objective of PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is to protect customers and reduce fraud by introducing new measures that ensure that customer-initiated transactions are being made by the genuine cardholder.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?


Merchant Fraud in the Age of COVID-19: We Need to Prepare Ourselves for a “Tidal Wave” of Attacks

With millions of consumers around the world self-quarantining at home, online shopping for goods, services and entertainment has become the new normal for many. A recent analysis of our own data has shown that average transaction volumes in the retail sector in March rose 74 percent compared to the same period last year.


Positive Profiling Makes Everyone a Winner in Gaming

Online gaming is one of the fastest-growing segments within the broader entertainment industry. With 2 billion active gamers worldwide and 200 million people playing games on social networking sites at least once a day, it is no surprise that the market is now worth well over USD $100 billion per year.