Strategic Partnerships

ACI and Auriga

Market Need

To compete more effectively with digitally native fintech technologies and respond to reducing footfall, banks need to embark upon a modernization journey to smarten their branches and make their ATMs more versatile. Integrating technologies that augment the banking experience to satisfy customers and strengthen loyalty is a key banking strategy.

Partnership Overview

ACI and Auriga have joined forces to bring NextGen ATM technology and self-service infrastructure to banks by integrating Auriga WWS with ACI’s ATM acquiring solution. The solution is an enabler for banks to pursue greater automation and modernization. Through a strategic alliance, the combined Auriga and ACI solution gives clients a path to transform their branch environments by introducing more self-service capabilities, such as video-assisted terminals, as well as providing greater ATM functions, such as QR-codes, mobile apps and more.

Partnership Benefits

Clients deploying the ATM and self-service infrastructure solution benefit from:

  • Cost Optimization – A truly vendor-agnostic, highly secure, end-to-end ATM software solution designed to lower the cost of ownership and reduce complexity
  • Customer Satisfaction – Modernize the ATM to introduce new customer-facing features faster for an omnichannel experience (web, mobile, app)
  • Availability – Avoid technical constraints and downtime. Future-proof the ATM to let it evolve over time and securely release new services and experiences more efficiently
  • Revenue Opportunity – Increase customer interaction by offering personalized advertising