Manage a constant flow of new transactions, channels and technologies using a single payment processing engine

What Is BASE24-eps?

BASE24-eps is a comprehensive solution for acquiring, authenticating, routing, switching, and authorizing card- and non-card-based financial transactions through various channels.

BASE24-eps is designed to:

  • Increase the profitability of payment processing by enabling a set of common transaction services to support multiple channels and different types of transactions
  • Offer organizations greater flexibility with built-in support for all major card types, devices, national and regional switches, international payment schemes and host systems
  • Create a comprehensive view of customers and ensure consistent, high-quality customer service across different points of contact
  • Reduce organizations’ total cost of ownership through complete platform independence
  • Give organizations the options to deploy on premise, in their own private or public cloud, or in a secure, cloud-based environment managed by ACI
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BASE24-eps at a Glance

  • Fault-tolerant software architecture that runs on multiple platforms, high-volume processing with the highest availability
  • Support for multiple platforms, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux/x86
  • PA-DSS compliant
  • Flexible switching and routing to major international and regional card processors and host networks
  • Powerful authorization scripting engine for custom business logic and protection against fraud
  • Support for multiple institutions and currencies
  • Out-of-the-box EMV support, including multi-application EMV cards, and tokens
  • Omni-channel functionality
  • Architected to allow services to be consumed externally
  • Configurable software development tools
  • Immediate integration with ACI monitoring, risk management and back-office applications
  • Pre-integrated with Mastercard Direct Services

Key Benefits

Low Total Cost of Ownership

BASE24-eps is compatible with multiple platforms, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux/x86, HPE NonStop and IBM p Series. This total platform independence enables organizations to reduce their dependency on legacy systems and lower technology operating costs by more than 50% without sacrificing performance, scalability, reliability or high availability.

Cloud-Based Convenience

BASE24-eps is available on premise or in a private cloud environment, giving organizations the flexibility to choose their preferred implementation method.

Managed Services

ACI offers managed services for cloud deployments to help banks increase revenue through modernized services and customer experiences, use IT and transformation resources more effectively, and focus their attention on services that generate value and boost their bottom line.  

Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

Customers have the ability to enhance decision-making using real-time monitoring, data-rich dashboards and reporting tools made specifically for BASE24-eps.

Greater Flexibility

With BASE24-eps, organizations can capitalize on built-in support for all major card types, devices, national and regional switches, international payment schemes and host systems. BASE24-eps accelerates time to market and provides a feature-rich solution that ACI customers can use to achieve maximum control over their business.

Advanced object technology means organizations can use BASE24-eps for the rapid development of new functionality, while BASE24-eps’ scripting capability enables organizations to implement new services, transaction types and business rules faster and more affordably than traditional systems. Designed with scalability in mind, BASE24-eps supports transaction volume growth and integration with merged or acquired organizations without interrupting service. For a truly omni-channel customer experience across branch, mobile and self-service banking, ACI’s ATM solution includes support for NCR and Diebold Nixdorf hardware and software solutions, as well as native integration with Auriga’s WWS Software solutions.

Increased Profitability

BASE24-eps enhances profitability by enabling a common set of transaction services to support diverse channels and different types of transactions. This eliminates the cost and complexity of maintaining duplicate features and information for each channel and provides a single point of integration for legacy back-office systems. BASE24-eps’ powerful scripting engine also empowers organizations to define application logic so that they can quickly respond to potential fraud and emerging threats without modifying their source.

Frictionless Customer Experience

BASE24-eps is a fault-tolerant solution that offers best-in-class reliability and availability. It also offers real-time data integration from various systems within an enterprise to provide a more complete view of each customer, enabling organizations to more effectively manage transaction risk, personalize service, and ensure consistency between different service levels and different points of contact with the customer.