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Accuity Accuity
Accuity provides the ability for ACI On Demand clients who use wholesale payment solutions to select from up to 49 watchlists for the purpose of maintaining global regulatory compliance and performing due diligence screening. This information helps ACI's On Demand clients to more accurately identify entities that may represent a risk due to any number of government-sponsored sanctions, embargo or “restricted trade” programs.
Ace Software ACE Software
ACE Software Solutions provides tools to assist ACI Money Transfer System users to increase Straight Through Processing (STP) levels.
 biocatch BioCatch
BioCatch integrates with PRM to enable secure and seamless online experiences, providing AI-driven behavioral biometrics across the digital lifecycle. The use cases that BioCatch supports include - identity proofing, user authentication, preventing account takeover fraud and detecting vishing and other sophisticated social engineering scams. The technology runs passively in the background, detecting behavioral anomalies in real-time without disrupting the user experience.             
FairCom Faircom
Faircom provides the c-tree ® server for use by the BASE24-eps product. This provides a simple, easy to manage, high performant database solution to meet the high demands of an online financial payments application.
HP and ACI have partnered since the mid-1970s to deliver high performance and highly available ATM and Point-of-Sale systems to the financial services industry. ACI's BASE24 and BASE24-eps offer retail payments solutions, along with HP's line of NonStop Servers provide world class electronic funds transaction capability around the world. ACI is a member of HP's Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP).
IBM and ACI have partnered since the mid-1980s to provide financial institutions highly reliable and full function applications for transaction processing, transaction settlement, and card management applications. In 2007, IBM and ACI deepened their commitment to each other through an extensive partner alliance agreement whereby ACI will make its entire set of integrated solutions available on the IBM System z and System p servers.
Intuit Intuit
Intuit's products provide functionality to ACI Enterprise Banker customers who use ACI On Demand services. Intuit's Quicken and QuickBooks products allow seamless balance and transaction integration.
iPay iPay Technologies
iPay provides small business Bill Payment capability to ACI's Enterprise Banker Solution within the ACI On Demand service. The iPay solution functionality includes Interbank Transfer and On-line Invoicing for a financial institution's small business customers.
IR (the people behind Prognosis) develops and distributes performance monitoring and diagnostics software for business-critical IT infrastructure. Prognosis provides detailed financial transaction management for ATM, POS, phone, internet or mobile banking, stock trading and other financial transaction applications.
Lean Logo Lean Industries
Automated Dispute Manager is a dispute case and exception item workflow management system designed for card issuers, merchant acquirers and third-party processors.
Mshift MShift
MShift is a leader in the field of mobile banking with over 200 financial institutions utilizing their innovative technology to offer mobile banking to customer users. MShift offers a mobile browser based solution for ACI Enterprise Banker that allows end users to conduct business banking anywhere and at any time
Oracle Oracle
Oracle provides ACI's retail payments, risk management, and wholesale payments customers with a highly functional database solution option. ACI's membership in the Oracle Partner network (OPN) provides ACI the technical and product support required for a successful implementation at customers who select Oracle as their database of choice. ACI also has a long history as a distributor of Oracle GoldenGate and continues to integrate Oracle GoldenGate software with other ACI products. Customers requiring the highest level of system availability use Oracle GoldenGate software to keep data consistent across multiple physical systems in the event of a system failure and subsequent failover.
RSA "Adaptive Authentication" authenticates Enterprise Banker users at login to the site. Users are presented with challenge questions or a phone call if the login activity is deemed risky or suspicious.
Spectrum Message Services Spectrum Message Services
Spectrum provides mobile alerting solutions for ACI’s main platforms. The company provides a complete interactive SMS, email and mobile browser solution for Near Real Time alerting. Not only does Spectrum provide connectivity to the communications gateways, the product also provides cardholder registration tools, billing, reporting, interactive blocking, two factor authentication and other mobile phone based interactions. The standard integration with BASE24-eps and Proactive Risk Manager allows a quick entry for ACI customers into the mobile market. Mobile alerting can generate revenue whilst reducing fraud. Spectrum’s products have been working in excess of 10 years with ACI’s products.
VeriSign Symantec VeriSign
VeriSign VIP is a network-based solution, allowing users to strongly authenticate at multiple sites using a single device. One-time-password options include hardware, software and mobile credentials.
Visa logo Visa
ACI Token Manager puts issuers in control of payment tokenization, enabling them to build and manage their tokenization capabilities in the cloud or on-premise and deliver enriched payment options for cardholders. It allows issuers to connect to networks, merchants and ‘OEM Pay’ services via a single tokenization product. It can be used to enable issuers to assume the role of Token Service Provider and take control of EMV payment tokenization, including generating and issuing payment tokens. ACI Token Manager also provides a Host Card Emulation capability, empowering payment issuers to manage their own mobile wallet and therefore retain control and exclusivity over customer relationships.