BASE24-eps Advanced Scripting

Understand how to develop your own scripts and/or understand advanced BASE24-eps scripting features.

Course Details






BASE24-eps Application Processing, Configuration Training

Aimed at developers and technicians who wish to develop their own scripts and/or understand advanced BASE24-eps scripting features in order to enhance scripts already available.

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in BASE24-eps scripting functionality and how it applies to authorization and journal access.


  • Scripting fundamentals
  • Script objects
  • Exported operators
  • Script delivery document
  • Journal perusal scripts
  • Authorization scripts
  • Pre-screening scripts
  • Sequential routing scripts
  • Impacting scripts
  • Journal query scripts
  • Script tracing
  • Script troubleshooting

Module Objectives

  • Become proficient in the use of BASE24-eps scripting language
  • Be able to create, debug, compile and implement scripts
  • Be able to customize vendor-supplied BASE24-eps scripts

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