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Postilion for Banks and Processors is a Windows-based consumer payments solution that integrates a full-featured payments engine with comprehensive card issuance and merchant acquisition management capabilities, reducing both processing cost and complexity.

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Postilion for banks and processors is based on the Windows operating system. It allows utilization of off-the-shelf hardware, significantly lowering infrastructure costs. Its integrated payments engine and card and merchant management capabilities increase overall productivity while removing duplicate functionality, reducing both cost and risk.


Postilion for banks and processors comes with extensive software development toolkits (SDKs), enabling the rapidly deploy of new features, significantly reducing time to market. This helps reduce overall development costs and drive new revenue streams.

Additional Information

Postilion Card

Postilion Card, the card management component for retailers within Postilion, delivers the complete service for issuance of all card types — credit, debit, ATM, prepaid — in all formats — magnetic stripe, EMV and contactless — and includes instant issuance options.

Key features

  • Offers lifecycle management of card production, activation, redemption and reporting
  • Delivers specialized capabilities such as bulk issuance, breakage and float management
  • Supports multi-currency and multi-institution
  • Provides off-the-shelf interfaces to host systems and regional, national and international schemes
  • Supports any new payments instrument, transaction or channel through flexible product architecture
  • Offers secure PIN management support and EMV processing through leading hardware security modules
  • Delivers easy-to-build custom reports to view account status, track usage and improve decision making
  • Enables fast and cost-effective customization through a sophisticated software development kit
  • Addresses unplanned downtime and its expensive aftermath with high-availability deployment options

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Postilion eSocket POS

An in-store solution that manages the interaction between customers and the payment devices located at the retailer’s check-out terminals. eSocket POS interacts with, but runs independently of, the retailer’s POS applications, thus reducing the PCI scope of the POS network. eSocket POS is responsible for formatting and sending transactions to the centralized real-time payments server. It sends all data associated with payment transactions as well as events generated by the devices for centralized monitoring. It performs all the necessary security functions and has sophisticated stand-in authorization capabilities.

Key features

  • Provides a consistent customer check-out experience
  • Communicates with POS terminals or store concentrators to gather the payment details necessary to process authorization requests and ensure that settlement data is securely stored
  • Centrally manages the distribution of software and configuration parameters across the POS estate
  • Distributes software updates for third-party firmware upgrades
  • Offers staged rollouts of software, configuration and firmware updates
  • Supports a comprehensive list of message protocols to expand a robust set of tender types and services such as EMV, fuel cards, mobile prepay, contactless and loyalty cards
  • Rapidly adds new message protocols through the software development kits, whether they are flavors of ISO 8583, XML or fixed-length field messages
  • Protects sensitive card data through security features such as point-to-point encryption, PED serial number validation, EMV support and SSL network protection
  • Supports additional payment types beyond credit or debit cards, such as staff discount cards, fuel cards, prepay cards, contactless, vouchers and loyalty cards
  • Offers deployment on POS terminals or centralized store concentrators

Postilion Office

Postilion Office is the settlement and reconciliation component for banks and retailers. It is a feature-rich, flexible solution for reporting, settlement and posting, transaction reconciliation, transaction history queries, data extracts and billing, supporting native file formats of third-party systems.

Key features

  • Acts as a central repository for consolidated transactional data, storing it for extended periods of time
  • Supports settlement through reconciliation with network file or extract to submit file to network
  • Performs fee calculations and distributing revenue owing to all stakeholders
  • Creates aggregated posting files for GL accounting systems
  • Offers a comprehensive and open reporting system, including the creation of merchant statements
  • Performs reconciliation with the EPOS system
  • Performs settlement adjustments handling the processing of copy requests and chargebacks
  • Performs multi-party settlement several times a day, without needing end-of-day batch reports from EFT networks
  • Automates all processes according to configured schedule
  • Supports compliance with card scheme mandates
  • Delivers fast support through flexible product architecture for new payment instruments or transactions

Postilion Realtime

Postilion Realtime is the transaction processing component for financial institutions and processors that acts as the central switch for all transactions initiated by all payment instruments, incorporating transaction acquisition, authorization and the interface to host and scheme networks.

Key features

  • Supports any channel ATM, POS, self-service terminals, internet, kiosks, call centers and mobile devices
  • Supports all EMV, magnetic stripe and contactless cards for debit, credit, prepaid, corporate, gift and private label functions
  • Delivers the needs of processors for multi-institution processing
  • Offers velocity and balance tracking as well as stand-in capability as part of the complete authorization service
  • Intelligent routing for transactions to ensure the most cost-effective path
  • Provides a wide range of extended services such as dynamic currency conversion, prepay top-up and eVouchers
  • Meets security standards in areas such as PIN production to meet PA-DSS requirements
  • Provides fast, cost-effective customization through a sophisticated software development kit
  • Addresses unplanned downtime and its expensive aftermath with high-availability deployment options