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High fees, complex rules, costly resources and sizeable write-offs make the dispute management operation of any financial institution a resource intensive process and costly function. As the number of consumers using cards and other means of electronic payments increases, along with the increasing number of merchants accepting these types of payments, dispute transaction volumes will grow at similar rates. The economic and operational burden on retail banking and credit card operations can be substantial for card issuers, with the same substantial impacts affecting acquirers.

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Additional information

Highly parameterized business rules that allow users to modify case management procedures quickly.

Users can create new processes based on changes in dispute transaction patterns.

Integrated with document management systems, e-mail systems and network gateways.

The solution can create cases from internet or LAN browser workstations, files or through Web Services.

The product receives an active and steady stream of investment in R&D to ensure the solutions remain the top choice for automated exception and dispute case handling.