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The ACI Automated Dispute Manager solution handles all aspects of dispute processing for all payment products and services, in every card issuing and merchant acquiring environment.

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Product Benefits

  • Increase productivity: Proven to reduce the time required to resolve disputed transactions by optimizing resourcing and workflow allocations
  • Improve quality: Significantly reduce keying and decision errors and increase positive dispute case resolution rates with an intuitive user interface and the removal of manual steps.
  • Compliance: Continuous updates maintain compliance with various industry and governmental regulations saving you the time, effort and cost of meeting your legislative obligations.
  • Enhance efficiency: Reduce operating costs by removing duplicate paper-based resolution systems with an automated workflow solution that integrates documentation, images, and analyst research with case data so analysts have a single view of each case.
  • Financial Peace of Mind: Retain more capital and improve your balance sheet by confidently implementing more aggressive policies to limit the financial risks of write-offs and losses.

Additional information

Highly parameterized business rules that allow users to modify case management procedures quickly.

Users can create new processes based on changes in dispute transaction patterns.

Integrated with document management systems, e-mail systems and network gateways.

The solution can create cases from internet or LAN browser workstations, files or through Web Services.

The product receives an active and steady stream of investment in R&D to ensure the solutions remain the top choice for automated exception and dispute case handling.