#NewPayments Use Cases for the Evolving Ecosystem

What happens when you combine the power of fifty real-world payment superheroes? You unlock the answers to today’s most demanding innovation scenarios.

ACI brought together a crack team of payment experts to tackle some of the biggest challenges in modern payments.

These real-world use cases span retail and transaction banking, mobile payments, point of sale (POS), ATMS and more, and have been captured to help you meet the evolving demands of your customers in the New Payments Ecosystem.

View individual use cases below.

Digital DNA

Biometrics for payments authentication and authorization

Self Authenticate

Global identity registry

Loyalty that Pays

Aggregated loyalty rewards with added intelligence

Smart POS

Seamless and secure payments for eCommerce transactions

Near Field Cash Elimination

Smart-device initiated real-time payments

Know Your Customer Consent

Permission Controls for Open Banking Differentiation

Transacting with Transparency

Real-time payments delivers transformation


Machine learning for high-value payments repair

The Great Unbanked

Cash elimination from informal economies

Cash in the Cloud

Drone delivery of currency and purchases

Post-Purchase 2.0

Beyond paperless receipts