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Secure Greater Profits by Defeating Fraud

What’s the actual cost of fraud? In dollars, every dollar of fraud represents an overall cost of $3.40 to eCommerce and digital goods retailers. In loyalty, every incident scares away a host of shoppers who will seek our more secure channels.

For telcos, this vulnerability presents an opportunity to become the mobile payments provider of choice for merchants of all types and sizes.

In the fifth installment of our telcos insight series, we’ll examine the top examples of telco fraud risk, why you must pursue a tailored approach for defeating fraud and how you can increase both security and acceptance rates.

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ACI Worldwide, in partnership with Red Dawn Consulting, is proud to introduce this new insight series aimed at helping telcos uncover revenue drivers through mobile payments growth. Sign up for the full series as we explore third-party transactions, increased customer loyalty, driving profit from cross-channel technology and much more.