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Balancing Simplicity with Diversity: Transforming Payments Systems for the Digital Age

This paper, co-produced by Finextra, explores the challenges and opportunities for banks, payments systems operators, schemes and other market participants of the transformation of the payments industry that is under way.

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The Future of Payments: Who Is Positioned for Advantage

What happens when the sale can be anywhere, at any time?

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digitalized world

The Future of Payments in a Digitalized World

Why banks must understand the true cost of digitalization

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Innovation, Distributed

 Mapping the Fintech Bridge in the Open Source Era

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Global Payments Insight Series

The payments market is changing. Both existing and new players are now creating new payments models and in the process upending existing business paradigms. Critical to forming an effective payments strategy is understanding how the forces at play in the payments market affect all corners of the value chain. Organizations of all types must understand how these changes fit in with existing payments capabilities and business priorities.

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