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Consumer Trust and Security Perceptions

2017 Global Fraud Management Survey

This report is a wake-up call for financial institutions and merchants on how financial fraud affects consumers.

Aite Survey Graphic

Fraud Management and Securing Consumer Trust

The report highlights the variability within geographies, which is often attributable to factors such as consumer buying habits, access to technology, the prevalence of various payments products and sociocultural norms.

Some of these factors are in flux with changing technologies and demographics but highlight the fact that there is no “one size fits all” approach to engaging consumers in fraud management and securing their trust in and continued business with an organization.

Download this report to learn about these global trends:

  • Mobile Wallet Adoption
  • Perceptions of Mobile Wallet Data Security
  • In-Person Trends for Retail Transactions
  • Online and Mobile Merchant Security
  • Impact of Fraud and Data Breaches
  • Security of Stored Data
  • Best Data Protectors
  • Greatest Fraud Risks
  • Actions Following Suspicious Activity
  • Fraud Education and Contact Preferences

72% Cloud payments will be used more by 72 percent of organizations

90% ERP systems will be integrated tighter with payments by 90 percent of organizations

69% eBills for mobile phones are being launched or would like to be launched by 69 percent of organizations