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Ciaran Chu ACI

Ciaran Chu

Practice Lead, Public Cloud

Ciaran Chu

Ciaran is an expert in both the issuing and merchant acquiring space of global payments, with a focus on how banks, processors, fintechs and merchants can navigate the evolving payments ecosystem to generate new revenues. From nearly a decade's experience with one of the UK’s largest issuers and acquirers, Ciaran has developed a strong belief in the monetizing the customer experience, and is passionate about supporting our customers to look beyond creating margin in traditional products, and helping them to navigate the rapidly-changing consumer payments market.

More articles by Ciaran Chu

  • Cloud Trends That Will Shape Indias Banking Sector in 2021

    Cloud Trends That Will Shape India’s Banking Sector in 2021

    Wednesday, January 27, 2021

    India’s banks and financial institutions (FIs) continue to adapt and innovate as the pandemic drives mass adoption of digital payments. Long term success will depend on successfully ramping up services and ensuring profitability while reshaping customer experiences. This is where the power of the cloud will come into play: In 2021, cloud will increasingly power vital infrastructure for India’s banking and payments sector, improving remote collaboration as well as enabling faster and more agile application development and deployment.

  • time is money millennial view of faster payments

    Time is Money: A Millennial View of UK Faster Payments’ 10th Anniversary

    Monday, July 09, 2018

    As a millennial, I’ve often been the butt of jokes of those a little bit older than I am (whether colleagues or my own family). One of the clichés perpetuated is that we are constantly glued to our smartphones: In a way that’s correct, but misses an important point. As a young millennial professional, the most important thing to me is TIME. And that’s the reason my phone plays a crucial role in my life – much to the annoyance of my girlfriend and family. It means I can do things on the move, which in turn makes my life a whole lot easier.