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Chris Curd

Chris Curd

Head of Telco Sales Europe, ACI Worldwide

Chris Curd

Chris Curd serves leads the global Telco business at ACI Worldwide. Chris has been in the Telco industry for nearly 20 years, working for companies like Telefonica, Vodafone, BT and T-Mobile. For the past 5 years, he’s also served the eCommerce payments and fraud space.

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  • Driving IoT progress at Mobile World Congress

    Driving IoT Progress at Mobile World Congress

    Thursday, March 29, 2018

    I felt fortunate to be among the 107,000 delegates from 205 countries attending this year’s Mobile World Congress, held earlier this month in surprisingly chilly Barcelona.

    Showcasing everything from connected cars, to virtual reality, 3D printing to amazing app ideas—the exhibition and conference content at MWC gave visitors a chance to discuss the future of mobile and explore the world’s most cutting-edge, mobile-enabled products and services.