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Bob Koscheski

Bob Koscheski

Director of Solution Consulting

Bob Koscheski

Bob Koscheski is the Director of Solution Consulting at ACI Worldwide, where he is responsible for managing the sales support and consulting team for the Merchant Retail Sector. Bob has a wealth of experience building software products to serve the needs of financial retailers and financial services organizations, and has been a principal owner in two startup software companies offering enterprise applications for electronic payments and banking:  Open Systems Solutions (OSSI), for retail payments, and Interactive Technology Corporation (ITC), for corporate cash management systems.  OSSI was acquired by ACI in 1997.  At ACI, Bob has had many positions, heading up Global Sales for the eCommerce Business Unit and running Strategy and Business Development.   Before ACI, Bob was the Chief Operating Officer at LeRoux Pitts and Associates, a retail payments software company. 

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  • Change is Coming to a POS Terminal Near You

    Change is Coming to a POS Terminal Near You

    Thursday, April 23, 2015

    A seismic shift is set to occur this October when EMV implementation hits the payments ecosystem in the US. Merchant point-of-sale (POS) terminals occupy the epicenter of that shift. Just how disruptive the change will be depends on how motivated merchants are to upgrade their existing POS terminals to chip-capable ones and how ready they are to help consumers through the process.