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  • ACI Enterprise Payments Platform as a Service

    ACI Worldwide offers the ACI® Enterprise Payments Platform™ in a secure, hosted payments environment to support our growing customer base’s existing needs for Fedwire, SWIFT (including gpi), real-time, ACH and Zelle payments, all within our secure private cloud.

  • ACI High Value Real-Time Payments solution for SWIFT gpi Rich Data

    ACI’s SWIFT gpi Data Service solution enables you to leverage more of the SWIFT gpi rich data to improve customer experience for cross-border payment services

  • ACI's gpi Solution for ACI Money Transfer System

    ACI’s SWIFT gpi solution for ACI Money Transfer System™ effectively supports SWIFT’s new global payments innovation (gpi) initiative, driving business value to you and your customers for cross-border payments.

  • ACI’S SWIFT gpi Solutions

    Full gpi value tailored to your bank

  • Full gpi Membership With Minimal Integration Effort

    Our solution for SWIFT gpi provides effective connectivity to the SWIFT Global Payment Innovation (GPI) initiative and the benefits of full gpi membership, regardless of your current payments engine.

  • Get Ready for Universal Payment Confirmations

    Without confirmations, the flow of money around the world becomes complicated. Businesses depend on knowing that a payment has arrived as an integral part of their supply-chain. Without this step, trade can grind to a halt and goods and services end up delayed. Find out the What? How? When? Ensure you are ready for both SWIFT gpi & Universal Confirmations in 2020 & Beyond.