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  • ACI Global Trade Manager Supports All Trade Transaction Types

  • ACI Hosted Solution for Wires and SWIFT Financial Messaging

    With ACI’s hosted offering, institutions directly access ACI Money Transfer System, a comprehensive origination, processing and risk management system for multiple payment types and financial messaging, in a secure and reliable outsourced environment with proven redundancy.

  • ACI Integrated Payment Plan for Ellucian Product Flyer

    Give your students and their families the freedom to make payments over time while increasing efficiency using real-time integration with Colleague and Banner by Ellucian.

  • ACI Integrated Treasury Management Data Sheet

    ACI Integrated Treasury Management™ makes it easier to manage card processor relationships — including interchange management — by removing the risks, uncertainties, complexities and delays inherent with most in-house systems.

  • ACI Interchange Product Flyer

    ACI Interchange™ supports evolving network requirements and actively seeks the lowest network fees for users. These savings per transaction are small, but multiplied across millions of transactions can result in substantial savings.

  • ACI Isolated Payment Appliance: Taking POS Out of PCI Scope

    With the development and enforcement of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards over the last two years, merchants and point-of-sale (POS) software vendors face significant investments in time and money to comply and, more importantly, to maintain compliance.

  • ACI Issuer Data Sheet

    ACI Issuer enables issuers to roll out new products and to make changes to existing products quickly due to its easy-to-use rules-based product definitions.

  • ACI Issuer: Translating Technical Attributes to Business Benefits

    ACI Issuer supports the complete lifecycle of issuing and re-issuing of debit, credit, prepaid and commercial cards as well as back-office processing, setting up card product terms and conditions, opening accounts and handling account management, transaction management and customer service. It offers full multi-currency, multi-institution and multi-language capabilities.

  • ACI Managed Service for Testing All Aspects of Payments Environment

    Managed service for testing all aspects of a payments environment, delivered by engineers with proven track records, delivering shorter time-to-market cycles without taxing internal resources

  • ACI Merchant Fraud Prevention Identifies & Learns from Fraud Activity

    ACI Proactive Risk Manager™ for Merchant Fraud Detection is a neural network-based fraud detection system that helps institutions combat merchant fraud schemes. Proactive Risk Manager combines the pattern recognition power of neural network scoring technology and custom risk models with expert rules-based strategies and advanced client/ server workflow management software