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  • ACI Global Trade Manager Product Flyer

    ACI Global Trade Manager™ is designed to help a corporate user reduce the processing effort associated with business transactions through its user-friendly features and rich functionality.

  • ACI Global Trade Manager Supports All Trade Transaction Types

  • ACI Hosted Solution for Wires and SWIFT Financial Messaging

    With ACI’s hosted offering, institutions directly access ACI Money Transfer System, a comprehensive origination, processing and risk management system for multiple payment types and financial messaging, in a secure and reliable outsourced environment with proven redundancy.

  • ACI Integrated Payment Plan for Ellucian Product Flyer

    Give your students and their families the freedom to make payments over time while increasing efficiency using real-time integration with Colleague and Banner by Ellucian.

  • ACI Integrated Treasury Management Data Sheet

    ACI Integrated Treasury Management™ makes it easier to manage card processor relationships — including interchange management — by removing the risks, uncertainties, complexities and delays inherent with most in-house systems.

  • ACI Interchange Product Flyer

    ACI Interchange™ supports evolving network requirements and actively seeks the lowest network fees for users. These savings per transaction are small, but multiplied across millions of transactions can result in substantial savings.

  • ACI Isolated Payment Appliance: Taking POS Out of PCI Scope

    With the development and enforcement of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards over the last two years, merchants and point-of-sale (POS) software vendors face significant investments in time and money to comply and, more importantly, to maintain compliance.

  • ACI Issuer Data Sheet

    ACI Issuer enables issuers to roll out new products and to make changes to existing products quickly due to its easy-to-use rules-based product definitions.

  • ACI Issuer: Translating Technical Attributes to Business Benefits

    ACI Issuer supports the complete lifecycle of issuing and re-issuing of debit, credit, prepaid and commercial cards as well as back-office processing, setting up card product terms and conditions, opening accounts and handling account management, transaction management and customer service. It offers full multi-currency, multi-institution and multi-language capabilities.

  • ACI Managed Service for Testing All Aspects of Payments Environment

    Managed service for testing all aspects of a payments environment, delivered by engineers with proven track records, delivering shorter time-to-market cycles without taxing internal resources