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  • ACI Integrated Payment Plan for Ellucian Product Flyer

    Give your students and their families the freedom to make payments over time while increasing efficiency using real-time integration with Colleague and Banner by Ellucian.

  • ACI Integrated Treasury Management

    For many organizations finding it difficult to accept electronic payments, ACI® Client-Funded Integrated Treasury Management™ offers an easy way to receive payments.

  • ACI Interchange Product Flyer

    ACI Interchange supports incoming and outgoing clearing and settlement processes for card transactions, including transactions initiated by mobile phone, EMV and magnetic stripe payment cards, for the major international payment schemes. This ensures compliance with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB and UnionPay.

  • ACI Issuer Data Sheet

    ACI Card and Merchant Management solutions empower financial institutions with the tools to comply with payment network requirements, reduce network costs and expand their market to take advantage of new payment networks.

  • ACI Low Value Real-Time Payments and The Clearing House and Zelle Real-Time Payments Solutio

    ACI® Low Value Real-Time Payments™ is a full-featured, real-time payments solution designed to speed time to market, reduce implementation risk and lay the foundation for rapidly addressing demand for real-time digital banking.

  • ACI Low Value Real-Time Payments for SEPA Instant Payments

    Real-time payments schemes are proliferating around the world as more countries and regions are inspired by the existing success models in place today. The EU region is now capitalizing on this market opportunity with its 2017 launch of SEPA Instant Payments, a Pan-Europe scheme that many EU countries are already planning to leverage to develop their own regional schemes.

  • ACI Low Value Real-Time Payments in the Cloud

    ACI’s cloud service for ACI® Low Value Real-Time Payments™ is designed to ease your move to real-time payments. ACI enables institutions and PSPs to more quickly go to market with faster payments innovations and effortlessly manage participation in any real-time network across the globe.

  • ACI Low Value Real-Time Payments: Business Operations Services

    An extension of the ACI® Low Value Real-Time Payments™ solution, our business operations services seamlessly manage your enterprise-wide, real-time needs.

  • ACI Managed Service for Testing All Aspects of Payments Environment

    Managed service for testing all aspects of a payments environment, delivered by engineers with proven track records, delivering shorter time-to-market cycles without taxing internal resources

  • ACI Money Transfer System for Sarie Payments Infrastructure

    ACI Money Transfer System for SARIE product flyer in English and Arabic languages