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  • UP Merchant Payments Solution for Hotels

    ACI’s UP® Merchant Payments™ solution offers hoteliers like you a secure, flexible payments solution that supports customer service excellence and increases customer satisfaction by offering guests choice, speed and security when they book and pay for their accommodation and services. ACI’s comprehensive, omni-channel, vendor-agnostic platform helps you deliver a seamless, consistent experience wherever, however and whenever your guests wish to pay.

  • UP Merchant Payments Solution for Qsrs

    ACI’s UP® Merchant Payments™ solution offers quick service restaurants a secure omni-channel payments solution aimed at improving profits, reducing card fees and increasing customer satisfaction. ACI’s flexible and vendor-agnostic platform helps you deliver a hassle-free fast-food experience with secure in-store, mobile and web payment innovations. Our independent solution gives you the freedom to work with whichever payment providers are the best fit for your strategic business needs. Anywhere, any time, and for any payments method.

  • UP Payments Risk Management Business Case Study

    Tackle fraud threats that impact customer satisfaction, reputational risk and the bottom line.

  • UP Payments Risk Management Info Sheet

    ACI’s UP® Payments Risk Management™ solution offers banks, financial intermediaries and merchants a cloud-based, 360-degree approach to enterprise fraud management. The solution is designed to combat existing and emerging fraud threats using a superior combination of machine learning, fraud and payments data, advanced analytics and flexible rules.

  • UP Real-Time Payments Solution Info Sheet

    ACI’s UP Real-Time Payments solution is a brand new way to address your real-time payments business, by offering you the ability to serve both your corporate (RTGS) and retail customers’ needs with a single, universal solution.

  • UP Retail Payments Solution

    You must keep pace with the innovation and change employed by traditional and emerging players in order to remain relevant and competitive.

  • UP Transaction Banking in the Cloud

    The financial services industry today is faced with an unprecedented rate of change. Technology advancements combined with an unending stream of regulatory initiatives are challenging a financial institution’s ability to innovate and compete effectively. The business of maintaining existing systems to simply “keep the lights on” is consuming 77%1 of the IT budget. Financial institutions need to find a better balance between maintaining systems and delivering innovative services to their corporate customers that provide new sources of fee-based revenue.

  • UP® Merchant Payments™

    ACI’s UP® Merchant Payments™ solution offers merchants a secure omni-channel payments solution that provides flexibility to fit your strategic omni-channel needs along with the scalability to power sales today and in the future.

  • Us Consumer Demand Insights, Immediate Payments

    Real-time payments survey points to consumer demand and the importance of putting customer experience at the center of payments strategy.

  • Validated Point-To-Point Encryption

    Understanding that payments compliance can be complex and requires secure processes to protect payment data, the ACI Validated Point-to-Point Encryption™ (P2PE) solution