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  • Union Bank of India Rolls Out Atm-Based Remittances

    One of the fastest growing economies in the world today, India saw more than US$13 billion in domestic remittances in 2010, a volume that is growing at 15 percent year over year.

  • Unlocking the Real Benefits of Blockchain through Its “Sweet Spot”

    The White Paper looks to identify the blockchain use cases where an optimum combination of factors and attributes of the technology come into place, i.e. the ‘sweet spot’. It is based on ACI’s own research and conversations with 10 banks working on blockchain projects.

  • UP Bill Payment Solutions

    As billing and payment has become ever more complex — with growing numbers of channels and methods, funding sources and security concerns — you face increasing pressures to streamline operations while enhancing consumer convenience. UP Bill Payment solutions solve this dilemma. They are an integrated suite of electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) services that enable you to respond effectively to this problem while enhancing system ROI and offering higher consumer convenience.

  • UP Bill Payment Solutions Infographic

  • UP Consumer Payments Issuing Solution

    ACI’s UP Consumer Payments™: Issuing provides a single platform to manage multiple card types: credit, debit, prepaid, corporate and commercial, across all geographies, all currencies and all channels: EMV, mag stripe, contactless, mobile, eCommerce and virtual.

  • UP eCommerce Payments Solution for Acquirers

    ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution enables acquirers to take advantage of powerful transaction processing capabilities. The integrated ACI PAY.ON Payments gateway (full white label gateway or the expansion) and ReD Shield Fraud management solution includes a global network with 350+ card acquirers and alternative payment methods, across more than 160 countries, with a feature-rich suite of payment processing, integral risk checks, mobile solutions, integration and onboarding, as well as advanced business intelligence tools.

  • UP eCommerce Payments Solution for Airlines

    To keep up with what today’s members expect, health insurers must offer easy payment options.

  • UP eCommerce Payments Solution for ISOs

    The challenge many ISOs, merchant service providers and payment facilitators face today is that providing global payment methods and fraud prevention is a complex and technically arduous task to build out and to maintain. Hundreds of alternative payment methods, multi-languages, multi-currencies, and security need to be integrated and supported. In addition, rising demands from merchants and increasing competition from other ISOs requires you to offer additional services rather than just price alone.

  • UP eCommerce Payments Solution for ISVs & VARs VARs

    ISVs and VARs are turning to payment industry experts who can help them grow their business by enabling global payment services through state-of-the-art payment processing and fraud prevention solutions. By outsourcing to ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution ISVs and VARs benefit from oering further valueadded resources to merchants, resulting in greater market reach.

  • UP eCommerce Payments Solution for Merchants

    ACI’s industry-leading eCommerce payments solution gives merchants everything needed to ensure the payments process never impedes the delivery of a seamless shopper experience.