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  • Stopping card fraud

    A guide to the key challenges facing banks around the world when it comes to payment card fraud, including advice on how to prevent the problem.

  • Take Your Bank from Good to Great - Part 2

    A thought leadership paper on a shift in thinking around the following five critical areas catapults good banks into operational, financial and commercial greatness.

  • Take Your Payments to The Cloud With ACI

    Preserve time and money for your core business

  • The 2016 Rio Games – The Merchant Opportunity and the Risk infographic

    The 2016 Rio Games creates the perfect storm. The revenue opportunities for merchants are substantial – but so, too, are the risks of fraud. Recognizing your genuine customers becomes more difficult, and recognizing fraudsters harder still.

  • The BENEFIT Company brings online payments to Bahrain

    Using ACI Commerce Gateway™ to create a national payments gateway providing a low-cost, convenient and secure online payments platform.

  • The Future of Banking in a Digitalized World

    The banking community has traditionally had a mindset in which there was a guaranteed “cradle-to-grave” customer relationship. Consumer mobility between banks was low because opening a bank account was a paper-based and arduous process, and switching banks was a much more onerous task than it is today. The bank owned the customer relationship and invested in systems needed to deliver the requirements of the full customer lifecycle. These systems were often separately operated within the same bank. However, this cradle-to-grave mindset is changing for a number of reasons.

  • The Future Of Payments: Who Is Positioned For Advantage?

    This paper serves as both an exploration of the changing landscape and a call to action. In it, we will review the current payments ecosystem (and reveal its instability), define the key features of the emerging payment systems landscape and articulate the strategic consequences of this new payments world. Early movers will secure key advantages; by making yourself better informed, you make yourself better prepared to take charge of your own future.

  • The Hosted Solution: Only as Good as Your Vendor’s Data Center

  • The New Payments Ecosystem Infographic

    In this infographic we explore how, over the past few decades, retail payments have evolved at a sustained pace of innovation, with cards the primary factor of disruption. In recent years, digital payments, open APIs and real-time account to account transactions have driven a faster rate of change across the payments landscape.

  • The New Payments Ecosystem: Fast, Open, Secure and Disruptive

    OPEN! Open Payments and their Impact on Payment Intermediaries.