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  • An Industry Perspective: Volume 3 - Fighting Online Fraud

    In an ideal world, there would be no need to worry about online fraud. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. The threat of online fraud is significant and here to stay. While this might be ideal for the fraudsters, it’s certainly not for the banks.

  • ATM Manager for BASE24 and BASE24-eps

    Prognosis ATM Manager simplifies ATM problem management significantly by automating the management processes involved and empowering in-house personnel to better manage and track the response of ATM service teams.

  • Auto Lender Wins over Customers with Debit Card Payments

    As drivers embrace the thrill of the open road, they increasingly demand that same freedom with their auto loan payments. A bank with $1 billion in assets answered its customers’ call with UP Bill Payment™ solutions and collected more payments while saving staff time.

  • Balancing Simplicity with Diversity: Transforming Payments Systems for the Digital Age

    Exploring the challenges and opportunities for banks, payments systems operators, schemes and other market participants of the transformation of the payments industry that is under way.

  • Bank of Blue Valley Case Study

    Bank of Blue Valley use ACI Self-Service Bnkaing solutions to offer cross-channel integration and a single customer view acorss online, voice, mobile and ATM banking.

  • Bank of New Zealand Case Study

    Bank of New Zealand address the issue of counterfeit cards using ACI Proactive Risk Manager

  • BASE24-eps for ATM Acquirers

    Through configuration and scripting, BASE24-eps is remarkably flexible, allowing users to modify their systems to meet unique business requirements.

  • BASE24-eps for Business Owners Product Flyer

    Increase revenues by creating new, innovative and customized payment products and expand market share with a payment system designed for a global marketplace

  • BASE24-eps for Card Issuers

    BASE24-eps allows organizations to improve customer service levels by providing a comprehensive view of account activity and cardholder status in real time from one application.

  • BASE24-eps for Technical Owners

    The lingering financial crisis and resulting economic uncertainty have forced banking executives to squeeze efficiencies at the expense of technology investment and revenue growth. This short-term view has allowed old technology to fester deep within banking operations.