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  • Facilitating Cross-Border Expansion with Open Payment Architecture | Peach Payments Case Study

    Peach Payments, a South Africa-based payment service provider founded in 2012, had achieved great success in its home market by early 2015. To build upon that success and take advantage of its innovative, next generation-type payment services, Peach Payments planned to enter several new African markets, with the aim to ultimately expand across the entire African continent.

  • Fast, Simple and Secure Payments for Today's Omni-Commerce Consumer

    ACI’s Omni-Commerce solution eases the burden on merchants, relieving you of payment challenges that can be complex and costly. We provide the latest tools and technology to support your business growth.

  • Federal Bank, India Improves Fraud Mitigation with Customization of ACI Proactive Risk Manager

    To mitigate fraud and minimize losses, Federal Bank of India approached ACI to provide a comprehensive risk management solution that could help mitigate card-related fraud for both consumers and merchants.

  • FinTech India: a Rising Economic Force Expects a Dynamic Commerce Experience

    Upwardly mobile Indian software technology workers use multiple payment channels and expect their merchants and payment providers to support their evolving payment needs. According to an ACI Worldwide survey of more than 370 FinTech workers in India, almost all shop online with a rapid shift toward alternative payments taking place. Much like their older peers, millennials conduct commerce across multiple channels — mobile, online desktop and in store. Millennials use their mobile device as a key shopping channel, whether it is shopping via their phone or making person-to-person (P2P) payments. Millennials rely on their phone to conduct commerce. All FinTech workers, a key demographic for merchants, face new fraud threats with card-not-present fraud being prevalent, as well as the new emerging threat of social engineering.

  • Forrester Wave Infographic - ACI Worldwide Named as a Leader

    Merchants have ranked their top 3 payments initiatives for the next 18 months. In this infographic, learn how ACI Worldwide receives the highest score possible from Forrester in the Omnichannel Solution Vision criterion and Market Presence category .

  • Fraud Analytics: Protect Your Data, Improve Your Bottom Line

    Fraud attacks are no longer simple and predictable. Advanced technology is essential to stay ahead of the attacks. Engaging a multifaceted approach to include predictive analytics, behavior profiling, consortium-based models and machine learning in combination with your existing rules-based system will not only block new fraud schemes, but it will reduce the trend of losses that you are presently experiencing.

  • Fraud Management in Australia

    Consumer Confidence in Traditional and Growth Channels

  • Fraud Prevention System from ACI Reduces Chargebacks

    Luxury clothing brand, Crew Clothing, dramatically reduces its’ fraud and deny rates with ReD Shield

  • Fraud Screening--Not If but When

    There’s usually more than one way to do something — and this is certainly true for business processes and payments. When deciding how best to process payment transactions, it’s important to make the decision that is right for the business, based on all available information — whether this relates to costs or benefits that can be accurately measured or other business key performance indicators that cannot be so precisely defined and assessed.

  • Full gpi Membership With Minimal Integration Effort

    Our solution for SWIFT gpi provides effective connectivity to the SWIFT Global Payment Innovation (GPI) initiative and the benefits of full gpi membership, regardless of your current payments engine.