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In 2003, this leading healthcare services company began offering electronic payment processing to its consumer and corporate customers. But as demand rapidly grew, the cumbersome legacy system simply couldn't keep pace, resulting in slow, inefficient processing times. Moreover, the existing system could no longer meet essential compliance requirements. With an urgent need to transition to a new solution, the company sought to offer improved convenience and expanded payment options — within an accelerated time  frame of just 30 days.

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ACI Bill Payment Engine Drives Performance and Patient Satisfaction

To find a solution, the company turned to ACI Speedpay Solutions. ACI Speedpay Solutions are driven by the single, integrated ACI Bill Payment Engine™ that powers organizations’ entire bill payment operations, enabling them to streamline the complexities of bill presentment and payment processing to achieve the best results possible while eliminating application silos. 

ACI’s Bill Payment Engine is the heart of ACI Speedpay Solutions. It is a single, integrated platform that orchestrates and manages the omplexities of electronic bill presentment and payment processing (EBPP).

The company deployed the following services:

  • ACI Recurring Payments™: Delivers a complete, predictive online payments experience that helps drive the adoption of low-cost bill presentment and payment methods, increase customer loyalty and improve cash-flow forecasting.
  • ACI Bill Presentment Services™: Gives the ability to present full PDF bills and invoices electronically and drive paper bill suppression.
  • ACI eLockbox™: Consolidates electronic payments coming from any source, including every online banking site, walk-in location and user interface. The eLockbox has already resulted in electronifying for this company more than 20,000 payments per month that were previously paper-based.

ACI Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Services™ are the most integrated and comprehensive suite of services available.

New System Launches in 1 month, with No Glitches

With ACI’s help, the company met its ambitious goal of launching a new electronic payments system in just one month, without a hitch — and has been expanding its offering ever  ince. The number of electronic payments has grown steadily every year, and the company currently processes more than 200,000 payments per month electronically. With a recent website overhaul — in which ACI directly participated, improving a wide range of customer-facing applications — the company continues to drive payments traffic online. Delays and inefficiencies previously experienced with the legacy solution are a thing of the past. Thanks to ACI Speedpay Solutions, 100 percent of web-based transactions have a response time of less than five seconds. The company has also eliminated batch processing backlogs, thus reducing time commitments from existing staff as well as the number of positions needed.