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How Alto Global Processing Delivers for Its Cross-Border Merchants

Alto Global Processing, a leading payments processor, needed a solution that would enable its U.S.-based merchant customers to seamlessly expand into the European market. As former merchants, Alto’s team knew it needed scalability, connectivity and the ability to work with multiple acquirers to help its merchants meet their cross-border growth and conversion goals. The processor partnered with ACI Worldwide to enable a fully white-label, multi-acquiring strategy, highlighted by new revenue-driving capabilities.

“There aren’t very many partners or gateway providers who you can rely on that can handle the volume surges we see from one day to the next. With other providers, you may be able to cut corners and save a few cents, but knowing you are with a partner that has the technical integration and uptime performance to support anyone you bring on is huge for us.”

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The Challenge

While a U.S.-based company, roughly 70 percent of Alto’s portfolio consists of EU-based merchants targeting EU customers. Over the years, this has meant relying on a handful of acquirers to service these merchants.

Several of Alto’s larger U.S. merchants were expanding into Europe and using their U.S. merchant accounts to do so. Unfortunately, this led to high decline rates, and in some cases, accounts were being closed as U.S. acquirers were uncomfortable or unable to meet compliance mandates with handling these overseas transactions.

To help ensure its merchants were meeting their business objectives, Alto had to rethink its acquiring strategy and enable a multi-acquiring approach.

The Solution

Alto ultimately selected the ACI Payments Orchestration Platform solution to enable this multi-acquiring strategy and achieve the scalability and connectivity demanded in this cross-border payments ecosystem.

Alto’s ability to seamlessly connect with a host of acquirers throughout Europe and beyond allows it to deliver a superior, fast and flexible experience to its merchants. This connectivity also ensures uptime and high availability for merchants.

In addition, as a forward-thinking global player, Alto understood the need for a solution that could support global mandates and remove the burden of compliance for its merchants.

Lastly, the ACI Payments Orchestration Platform allows Alto to provide its merchants with the same experience — across all channels and all geographies while being flexible enough to address individual merchant needs — via a single API.

The Results

Alto’s work to enable seamless cross-border expansion has allowed its merchant customers to enter new markets and accept more business now than ever before. Its merchants typically see a 12 percent increase in approved sales at checkout.

Alto is seeking to leverage the ACI Payments Orchestration Platform solution to move into new industries and help its larger merchants expand their acquiring options. The processor is also looking to increase its fraud management capabilities through ACI, with a focus on helping merchants to optimize chargebacks and fraud ratios.

“It’s important to us that we monitor our merchants’ behavior too as we take the liability for our merchants. Helping them keep their fraud rates low is important to us on several levels,” says Bizzotto, Alto Global Processing. By improving these KPIs, Alto can further improve performance and become the go-to processor for both U.S.- and EU-based merchants.

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