The Future of Payments

Exploring the key influencing trends

The global payments ecosystem is constantly evolving into a complex global network. As new Fintech startups disrupt the way we move money around the world, businesses of all sizes need to keep informed about the changing payments landscape. To remain relevant and competitive, you need to understand today’s payment trends and consider how to advance your payment processes to meet the demands of modern commerce.

On this page, you’ll find our handpicked whitepapers, reports, blog posts and videos for you to consult on a variety of important payment topics. 

Cost and Value in Banks — A Model Fit for the Digital Era?

Research from The European Research Institute (ECRI) brings fresh insight into how the banking sector manages costs while balancing the need to add value to services provided to both retail and corporate customers.

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Key Payments Trend Drivers

From browsing to purchasing, new technologies are altering the payments industry. In particular, The Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, and Open APIs have worked their way into the mainstream. Check out our white papers, blog posts and videos for insights into how these innovations are driving significant consumer and business trends.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how commerce and payment transactions are conducted. Consult these resources to explore how the financial services industry can both address the challenges and seize the opportunities.

Connected Devices are Opening Up New Forms of Payments and Partnerships (Blog)

The ‘Internet of Things’ is the Game-Changing Next Step for Telcos…But What Are They Missing? (Blog)

India’s rapid payments transformation, driven in part by UPI, is opening a world of opportunities. Munish Mittal, chief information officer of India’s HDFC Bank, details key innovations, challenges and areas of future demand. (Video)


Consult these resources to learn how Blockchain secures data, avoids duplication, decentralizes information, shares it publically and automatically executes smart contracts, among a host of other innovative benefits for payment systems.

Blockchain Is Hot, But Where’s the Beef? (Blog)

Is Blockchain Ready? (Blog)

Blockchain For Retailers: Producing Real Business Benefits (Blog)

Open APIs

Open APIs are transforming the payments experience for both individual customers and global corporations. ACI’s blog examines how software intermediaries are rapidly emerging as future drivers of banking and financial services.

Open APIs, PSD2, Blockchain and Marmite…The Deliciousness of Payments

Open API Architecture is Now a Prerequisite for Merchants

The Magical Mystery API Is Waiting to Take You Away…Waiting to Take You Away