Cash in the cloud

Drone Delivery of Currency and Purchases


In some rural or developing world locations, cash is still a necessary evil, but ATMs are not safe to use, they can be expensive or inconveniently placed.


1. How to drive down the cost of cash? Reducing the cost of an ATM network 

2. How to better service customers who need cash? Reducing risk and improving the customer experience around spending

3. How to accelerate the move to cashlessness? Bridging the current need for cash with the digital payments future


1. Develop a drone network for on-demand delivery of currency or goods linked to in-app payments authenticated by smartphone-based biometrics. Eliminate the need to provide ATMs for cash-dependent customers and use the resulting cost savings and available resources to innovate around new digital services for customers.

2. Integrate a digital receipt system and GPS location service to deliver directly to the customer. Use machine learning to improve the customer experience with push notification of special offers based on transaction and behavioral history; learn the best routes to regular locations that avoid obstacles such as power lines and reduce the time to delivery.

3. Drive the move to digital payments by offering discounts for eCommerce purchases delivered by drone that can be same-day delivery to rural locations that are failed by the traditional postal network. Include loyalty rewards for non-cash transactions that support the drive to lower-cost digital payments.

CX optimization

Optimize the customer experience by offering the service globally so that customers can get deliveries of foreign currency as they arrive in a new location for business or vacation.

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