Phil Spradlin

Solution Marketing Manager at ACI Worldwide

For the past 12 years Phil has helped organizations profit from new bill payment opportunities. His research has been published by CNN, MSNBC and the Washington Post. Phil holds a bachelor's degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia. Phil blogs to help organizations profit from new trends in electronic bill presentment and payment. Frequent topics include navigating the compliance, customer experience and cost implications of mobile bill payment systems, online payment services and bill pay service fees.

Articles by Phil Spradlin


Survey Shows Millennials Aren’t as ‘Digitally Savvy’ When it Comes to Tax Refunds

Nearly 3 in 10 (29%) U.S. adults are likely to mail in checks to pay taxes they owe, a number which seems surprising until we take a closer look at the generational preferences of taxpayers.


University Payments Made Simple for Students and Parents

According to Sallie Mae, a significant portion of tuition revenue for higher educational institutions comes from students (27%) and parents (44%), with students struggling more to pay their bills on time. As our team gets ready to head to New Orleans for Ellucian Live 2019, we looked at what’s new in the payments realm for higher education institutions, and what students and parents need to ensure their payments are made on time and with less friction. A recent survey from Aite Group, “U.S. Consumer Payments Experience: A Blueprint for Creating Positive Behaviors,” which surveyed 2,425 U.S. consumers, sheds some light on this topic.


How TD Bank Masters Payment Processing Risk

“You learn a lot by following the money,” a great quote that Sara Pinkus, VP of Payments Risk Management at TD Bank, told me before her PAYMENTS 2016 presentation with TD Auto Finance and ACI Worldwide entitled Hide and Seek: Uncovering Your Internal Originators and the Risks They Pose.


60% of the Big Boys Now Accepting Debit Cards for Loans

I was nervous pulling out my flip phone at the party. Would my smartphone-touting friends mock me? Much the same way as I lagged behind in technology adoption, 40 percent of top lenders still do not offer debit card payment processing for loan payments.


How do Insurance Leaders See the Future of Payments?

46 percent of insurance executives want to simplify their payments value chain as higher revenue, lower costs and stronger security will result from changing the consumer payment experience.


How Will Governments Make Payment Services Simple?

Government payment services of the future will make their citizens happier. They will free up new funds for community investment. Simplicity will reign. The key - reducing the middlemen.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?


Can I Charge a Fee For Debit & Credit Card Processing?

Answer these 10 questions to explore the U.S. regulatory, consumer satisfaction, and cost implications of charging a fee for your bill payment service.


The Future of Banking: Multi-Channel Convergence to an Omnichannel Endpoint

Channel convergence has been a topic of discussion in the banking industry for some time but what that truly means to the bank and their clients is still coming into focus.