Bob Koscheski

Director of Solution Consulting at ACI Worldwide

Bob Koscheski is director of solution consulting for the Merchant Retail sector at ACI Worldwide. He has a wealth of experience building software products to serve the needs of financial retailers and financial services organizations, and has been a principal owner in two startup software companies offering enterprise applications for electronic payments and banking. Prior to ACI, Bob was chief operating officer at LeRoux Pitts and Associates, a retail payments software company.

Articles by Bob Koscheski

Touchless payment at grocery store


Converting Holdouts to Digital Payments: An Opportunity for Grocers?

Consumers have increasingly turned to online shopping over the past year, including for groceries and essentials, accelerating the pace of digital adoption as consumer behavior rapidly evolves. For Millennials and Gen Z, this wasn’t much of an adjustment. For older generations, this represented a marked shift from pre-pandemic behaviors.


Adding Fuel to the Fraud Fire

Payments fraud is a widespread and difficult issue in the fuel segment. Fuel dispensers are a common target for certain types of fraud – and fuel merchants often lack visibility into the level and impact of that fraud.


The Fight for Fuel Customer Loyalty Is On

In 2019, price determined where 59 percent of consumers chose to purchase their fuel, and more than half opted to pay at the pump, preferring to simply pay for gas and go.


Platform Driven Payments Can Drive Improved Profitability for Fuel and Convenience Store Merchants

Those of us who drive often don’t think too much about refueling our cars unless or until our tanks are nearing empty. And as long as the price is acceptable and the transaction efficient, a quick, convenient fill up is all we need.


Only One-Third of Major Fuel Merchants Have Fully Implemented EMV and 20 Percent are Still in the Planning Stage

Earlier this year, we blogged about the issue of EMV implementation in the U.S. fuel sector and the fraud issues fuel merchants can expect to see if they’re not ready by the extended April 2021 deadline.


Change is Coming to a POS Terminal Near You

A seismic shift is set to occur this October when EMV implementation hits the payments ecosystem in the US. Merchant point-of-sale (POS) terminals occupy the epicenter of that shift. Just how disruptive the change will be depends on how motivated merchants are to upgrade their existing POS terminals to chip-capable ones and how ready they are to help consumers through the process.

Prime Time for Real-Time

Global Payment Trends
As the world adopts real-time payments, how does your market stand to benefit?