Alastair Walton

Principal New Business Developer, eCommerce at ACI Worldwide

Alastair is a business development director for ACI's UP eCommerce solution, focused on providing the necessary insights into global payment solutions and fraud prevention capabilities. He has extensive experience across multiple markets and verticals including omni-channel retail, telco, media, gaming, digital content and travel.

Articles by Alastair Walton


Turning U.S. Players into Payers: Driving Conversions in a $30 Billion Market

It’s no secret that Americans love their games. In 2018, it was estimated that 178.7 million players spent more than USD $30.4 billion on games, a $5 billion increase over 2017. That $30 billion represents almost a quarter of the global gaming market, making the U.S. an invaluable target for game developers.


Turning German Players into Payers: Understanding the Gaming Payments Experience in a $4.7 Billion Market

German gamers represent an interesting challenge to game developers and publishers. Compared to their gaming peers in other countries, German gamers are the hardest to convert, with the lowest payer/player ratio (70%) and on average 20 percent lower spending levels per player than in the U.S. and U.K. And yet, Germany tops the gaming revenue ranks in Western Europe with an annual forecast of USD $4.7 billion. Simply put, cracking the conversion code can be immensely profitable.


Turning British Players into Payers: Insights to Convert the Country’s 37.9 Million Gamers

As the sixth largest gaming market in the world, and with USD $4.5 billion in annual revenue, the United Kingdom presents an immense opportunity for game developers looking to drive profits. And with estimates of 40 million gamers pushing revenues above $5.5 billion by 2022, it’s imperative to understand this market and the payment preferences of its gamers.

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