Put 1.3 Billion New Customers Within Reach

Access the world’s largest tourist and eCommerce markets with ACI and Alipay.

A Multi-Billion Dollar Market Opportunity

The growth of Chinese tourism, coupled with the explosion in eCommerce in China and Chinese consumers seeking high-quality goods from overseas, puts more than 1.3 billion new customers at the doorstep of merchants offering the right payment platforms.

As the dominant payments platform in China, Alipay offers a unique opportunity to transform your business.

Alipay is supported by ACI Omni-Commerce. ACI and Alipay deliver instant access to this expanding customer base through all sales channels, including online, in-app and face-to-face via a QR code.

ACI enables the use of Alipay online including both eCommerce and mCommerce transactions for all iOS and Android-based mobile apps via our Mobile Commerce SDK, one of the cornerstones of ACI’s API toolkit.

See how you can access the world’s largest tourist and eCommerce markets with ACI and Alipay.

A person pays the merchants with their credit card through the merchants smartphone
A woman is standing on the beach at twilight, she is on her phone while there is a bokeh of city lights behind her.

The Power of ACI and Alipay

Broaden and deepen your global brand awareness and market share

Drive traffic to your stores with highly targeted in-app promotions

Enjoy a simple, fast, low-cost integration and gain access to Alipay’s platform

Open your business to 1.3+ billion new customers

Alipay’s global lifestyle platform gives you the power to expand your brand and deliver a more enjoyable customer experience for highly engaged Chinese consumers. You get the data you need to optimize targeting and promotions while giving a convenient, tailored, secure “home away from home” feeling for your customers. 

The ACI and Alipay Experience

Provide shoppers with store descriptions

Give shoppers location details in their own language

Collect business intelligence and analytics data from the payment transaction and send promotions directly to consumers based on collected data

Gain Market Share

Watch how other merchants are integrating Alipay and ACI into their business’s electronic payments model to gain share in the world’s largest eCommerce market.

ACI brought Alipay to Africa via Peach Payments and powers Alipay acceptance for South African merchants.

Peach Payments enables a merchant to offer Alipay as part of its mobile and eCommerce strategy and capture the growing local Chinese visitor market.