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ACI and the Merchant Advisory Group (MAG)

ACI and the Merchant Advisory Group (MAG)

ACI serves tens of thousands of merchant locations globally in a range of vertical segments, processing billions of merchant payments annually. Our ACI Omni-Commerce solution provides those merchants with connectivity to more than 350 acquirers and alternative payment methods in more than 160 countries around the world.

ACI and the MAG share a common goal to provide US connectivity to card associations, acquirers, third-party networks and alternative payment providers, giving merchants the flexibility of a payments solution that allows for growth as new technologies emerge without the need for constant technology investment and redevelopment.

What is the Merchant Advisory Group?

The Merchant Advisory Group ensures that the merchant voice is a part of the critical and timely dialogue surrounding evolving payments and related matters. MAG represents over 130 of the largest US merchants which account for over $3.3 Trillion in annual sales at over 900,000 locations across the US and online. Roughly $2.6 Trillion of those sales and over 66 Billion card payments are electronic, which represents approximately 59% of total US card volume.

The Group is focused solely on the Merchant community in the US and engages on their behalf with central government on topics such as EMV rollout, Same Day ACH and Instant Payments, Fraud, Charge back among others.