Strategic Partnerships

ACI and Microsoft

Market Need

In the ever-evolving world of payments, the seamless integration of rapid transaction systems and the widespread embrace of public cloud platforms are critical for both banks and merchants.
Given the industry’s imperative for agility, scalability, and improved customer experiences, the adoption of cloud technologies is gaining significant momentum. Microsoft Azure encompasses the key enterprise needs of ACI clients.

Financial players seek to modernize their operations, streamline payment processes, and fortify fraud management. By embracing the public cloud, they can achieve cost optimization, elevate customer satisfaction, ensure availability, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

However, this transition is nuanced, with each institution navigating a complex hybrid landscape, balancing legacy systems, security concerns, and strategic partnerships to chart their unique cloud journey.

Partnership Overview

Microsoft and ACI focus together on enterprise-level financial services clients, serving some of the largest institutions globally. ACI has broad alignment with Microsoft’s Top 200 account list, with over 70 of the same global large accounts. ACI has adopted an Azure-first approach to our own internal managed service offerings, hosting key solutions for North American, European, and Pacific clients on ACI’s own Azure subscriptions.

ACI was a finalist in Microsoft’s Partner of the Year awards in 2022 and is continuously working to adopt Azure services as part of our product modernization strategies being undertaken in 2024.

Partnership Benefits

Through our partnership with Microsoft, ACI Worldwide facilitates the transformation of payment processes by leveraging the advanced features of our cloud platform hosted on Microsoft Azure. This strategic collaboration offers the following benefits:

  • Accelerate market responsiveness — Seamlessly process payments 24/7, enhancing your agility in a dynamic landscape, and adapting swiftly to new compliances
  • Embrace innovation — Leverage cutting-edge capabilities for seamless transactions
  • Maximize savings — Streamline operations, reduce overheads, and drive financial efficiency
  • Enhance security — Prioritize data privacy and protect against cyber threats to maintain trust with customers and stakeholders

“We’re proud to have worked with ACI to create a fully cloud-native environment that enables intercommunication between different systems across the payments ecosystem.”

Bill Borden
Corporate Vice President of Worldwide financial Services, Microsoft*

Collaboration Spotlight: ACI and Microsoft Make Headlines

Microsoft Customer Story: ACI Worldwide reimagines convenience for bank customers — reduces onboarding time from weeks to minutes

Whether you’re buying a new pair of jeans, groceries, or paying taxes online, the software that connects your merchant with the banking system is likely an ACI Worldwide solution. An industry leader, ACI provides scalable, highly secure real-time payment solutions for the financial services industry. With the goal of continually transforming the global payments space, ACI wants to provide the greatest possible value for its banking clients to stay ahead of a rapidly changing world. It’s not-so-secret sauce: Linux on Microsoft Azure.

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ACI Worldwide Certified on FedNow, Integrating Corporate One FCU on ACI Real-Time Payments Cloud

In partnership with Microsoft, ACI Worldwide will operate the FedNow® Service on its new, fully cloud-native service, the ACI Real-Time Payments Cloud, a multi-tenant SaaS platform in Microsoft Azure, supporting connectivity to both The Clearing House Real-Time Payments network and FedNow.

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ACI Worldwide Collaborates with Microsoft to Accelerate Global Move to Real-Time Payments

ACI Worldwide announced a collaboration with Microsoft to help financial institutions and technical services enable instant payment transactions faster through the ACI Real-Time Payments Cloud platform. “By hosting ACI’s Real-Time Payments Cloud in Microsoft Azure, financial institutions will now have access to an award-winning, end-to-end solution to enable their processing of 24/7 payments,” said Craig Ramsey, Head of Real-Time Payments at ACI Worldwide.

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ACI Worldwide Recognized as 2022 Microsoft Financial Services Partner of the Year Finalist

ACI Worldwide has been named a 2022 Microsoft Financial Services Partner of the Year Award finalist. ACI was among a global field of top Microsoft partners honored for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

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ACI Worldwide Strengthens Strategic Alliance with Microsoft to Deliver Payments Platform in the Cloud

ACI and Microsoft have a successful track record of jointly helping customers quickly grow and expand into new markets, including a top 20 global bank, a leading U.S.-based digital bank with more than 30 million customers, and the leading card issuing and banking-as-a-service software platform in Latin America. These organizations required cloud-enabled solutions capable of meeting time-to-market and growth goals, and chose ACI’s cloud payment offerings deployed in Azure — enabling them to deliver innovative, market-leading, and future-ready payment services to their current and future customers.

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