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Unwrapping Holiday Checkout Trends

Discover what’s in store for sales and fraud this holiday season

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  • What to expect this season, based on real-world transaction data
  • This season’s sales opportunities and threats
  • Key merchant trends to capitalize on
  • Behavioral trends across the four big payment channels
  • Who will benefit most from holiday uplift
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Consumers Are on the Hunt for a Good Deal This Holiday Season — Are You Getting Their Attention?

The holidays bring greater opportunities for merchants to sell more and offer special discounts to shoppers. But what do you need to know to gain an edge in today’s competitive markets?

ACI’s holiday report offers a unique analysis and expert insights that reveal areas of transactional growth, fraud threats, sector performance and four consumer behaviors impacting payment trends.

Key Predictions*


increase in transactions Q4 2023, versus 2022


of all fraud typologies predicted to be friendly fraud


increase in fraud attempts for BNPL


increase in retail commerce

Reap Higher Seasonal Rewards

With the right solutions, ACI helps merchants fight back and capture more of their seasonal sales.

ACI Fraud Management

An AI-enabled solution orchestrating 10,000+ data points, identifying a transaction’s real identity and exceeding market averages to ensure merchants sell more, lose less and maximize margins

Digital Identity Services

Monitor and identify consumers’ behavior to eliminate behavioral anomalies, verify device identity and optimize conversion rates at checkout

ACI Payments Orchestration Platform

Enable customer journeys across commerce channels, accept payments, prevent fraud and optimize your payments journey with ACI’s true payments orchestration platform

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*ACI payments intelligence data