Proactive Risk Manager Training

This course provides a complete understanding of the tasks performed by Proactive Risk Manager users.

Course Details


Instructor-led training




3 days

Client training for ACI Proactive Risk Manager is delivered in a traditional classroom setting. Instructor-led training is a mixture of lecture and hands-on activities, with participants working in fully-functioning training environments to complete skills-based labs. Sessions vary in length, depending upon the course content selected.

The course is designed to generically cover any action level utilized in a customer installation.

Who Should Attend

Analysts, team administrators, supervisors, root administrators, system administrators, or anyone else interested in the ACI Proactive Risk Manager solution.

Module Objectives

  • Understand the Proactive Risk Manager components
  • Create and establish categories, queues and workstations
  • Perform alert processing based on the categories and queues established
  • Configure and execute Proactive Risk Manager reports
  • Complete exercises for each of the Proactive Risk Manager functions

Course Topics

  • Using the graphical interface
  • Operational configuration
  • Configuration of custom roles
  • Viewing alerts
  • Opening reviews
  • Initiating an action
  • Acting on alerts
  • Generation of reports
  • Other topics include an understanding of Proactive Risk Manager rules, categories and queues and workflow process. The course is designed to generically cover any action level (card, employee, merchant, terminal, or universal account number (UAN)) utilized in a customer installation.

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“I really enjoyed the role-playing we did with different member situations; this was near the end of the training. It gave the attendees good practice on how to navigate through the new system to assist members. Jill and I both talked about it and agreed that it was thorough and engaging and was not boring at all – thanks to your excellence.”

Kevin Gerber

National Contact Center Manager
Wings Financial Credit Union

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